Tuesday, August 23, 2016

7 Reasons Children Need Pets

When you think back to your best childhood memories was there a furry friend right along with you? What would childhood be like if there wasn't a pet trailing along after your child, a "Nana" per say, helping them to become all that they can be, comforting them when they're sad, as well as providing plenty of exercise? Here at PetCot, we realize the benefit that furry friends have in your life, and we love to encourage families who raise pets and kids alongside each other. Here are a few reasons every child needs a four-legged friend to grow older with them.

It Can Encourage Responsibility

Having a pet of their own can help encourage your children to be responsible. It may not start out that way, but slowly, as your children grow, they will learn that caring for their pet is required. There are many things a pet needs in order to be cared for properly, from routine feedings to brushing, training, exercise, playing, and more. All of these things require your child to interact with your pet, and in the end can be a great lesson in responsibility.

Kids With Pets Can Be More Active

Like your children, pets require a certain amount of exercise in order to be healthy. Because of this, your children will most likely increase their activity level because they can go out and play with their pet. Games of fetch, walking and running, imaginary play and more can all be accomplished with a furry friend by their side!

Many Kids With Pets Won't Need As Many Antibiotics

There are studies that show that a child who grows up in a home with pets will need fewer antibiotics to protect them from the outside world. While it may seem like it's important to keep your child away from anything that can make it sick, having a pet can help introduce bacterias and allergens slowly enough that they can build antibodies to them. This is just as true with pets who live outside more as well because they are dragging germs in that they child may not have normally been exposed to. Studies have shown that families of newborn children with pets show less frequent incidences of colds, sore throats, and coughs!

Pets Can Be a Self-Esteem Booster

The love of a pet is unconditional, we're sure you've experienced this yourself with your pets, but it can be especially good for your children. Create a bond with your pet, and you have that bond forever, they will love you to death for ever and ever. This love can be just what your child needs, especially as they get older and are trying to find their way into adulthood.

Pets Can Teach Consequences

Pets provide a visible and easily recognizable sign of consequences. When the dog isn't fed, they will act out. When your cat doesn't have it's litter box emptied, you may find surprises around the house, or at least experience a strong smell coming from that corner of the house. If Fido hasn't been walked, he will be bouncing off the walls. All of these consequences are something that your child can realize and learn from. This can also teach them to be self-sacrificing because they have to put their needs AFTER the needs of their pet.

Our beds are even comfy for kids!

Providing For Your Pet With the Best Raised Pet Bed on the Market

Whether you're thinking about getting a pet for the family and need supplies, or you already have a family pet, but want to invest in a premium pet bed that is more practical, we can help. We have created hygienic pet beds, so whether your child has allergies, or your want a bed that doesn't get dirty, our pet bed will take care of this. Not to mention, our pet beds are kid approved too! Visit our website to learn more about our sizes and styles, as well as replacement parts for when your child and pup have been playing way too hard on our premium raised pet bed!

Taking Comfort and Care to a New Level for Pets!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why Buy a Hygienic Pet Bed

Just like with humans, your pets need to maintain a certain level of hygiene. They will groom themselves, as we're sure you notice, but sometimes they need some extra help in that department. From giving them baths, brushing their hair, and even brushing their teeth, there are many different ways to keep your pet clean and smelling fresh. One of the best ways, though, is by making sure their bed is just as clean as they are.

Pillow Beds

If just the thought of touching your pets pillow bed grosses you out, we understand. These beds are made, generally out of a soft, absorbent material, and then filled with fluffy absorbent filling. Everything about these beds is absorbent, and that's not a good thing. From sweat and drool to vomit and urine, you will most likely find a variety of different bacterias in your pet's bed.

Thankfully, you can throw it in the washer ... right? Well, sort of. Generally, after being in the washer and dryer they come out fluffed into one big ball and not the pet bed you threw in there. It can take your pet days to get the fluff unkinked and back into its original spot, and by that time, it's almost time to wash it again.

Why Does My Pet Need a Hygienic Pet Bed?

If you've read any studies on the benefits to washing your sheets on a regular basis, you'll know that having clean bedding on your own bed is extremely valuable. From dust, dander, sweat, and skin cells, there are many things that will build up on your sheets, and cleaning them can help you avoid allergies. The same applies to your pet!

By providing a safe place for your pet to relax, you are also providing a healthy atmosphere. A clean bed can help improve their health, the way the smell, and even help with bugs and bacteria. Other beds can accumulate sweat, dog hair, dander, saliva, fleas, ticks, and more. A clean, hygienic bed is not only good for your pet but also your home as well.

Hygienic Advantages to Owning a PetCot

No more washer or dryers to clean dog beds! Woven, vinyl-coated polyester fabric is breathable, will not puddle water and dries quickly and odor-free. It is the favorite choice for cleaning ease (with a cloth or hose with soap and water, or safe disinfectant). Durable and breathable, it provides dogs with a healthy, cool environment. The PetCot dog bed provides comfort and support for Pets while NOT providing a breeding ground for bacteria and odor found in pillow beds.

The Best Raised Pet Bed on the Market

At the PetCot Company, we know that our product can make a difference for your pet's hygiene and health, which is why we want everyone to know about these amazing beds! They don't just stop at helping with hygiene, though. Our premium pet beds are attractive, durable, easy to clean, great for use indoors and out, as well as comfortable. You just can't get any better than that. Are you ready to see how much of an impact our premium raised pet beds can be? Visit our website at www.PetCot.com to learn more!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

3 Ways to Spoil Your Dog with a PetCot

Did you know that it's National Spoil Your Dog Day? If anyone knows about spoiling a dog, it's the folks here at PetCot! We don't think your dog just needs a bed to lay on, but a premium raised dog bed to relax and feel spoiled with. If you don't own a PetCot, you may not realize why they are so incredible, and that's why we are honored to show you! Here are 3 ways a PetCot can absolutely SPOIL your dog.

Spoil Them With a Space

Even the most extroverted dog needs a space that they can call their own. A place where they can crash after a busy day, a space to relax when they need to catch up on sleep, and even a bed where they can sit back and watch a few movies with you. We all know that your dog plays just as vital of a role in your life as you do in theirs, and that man's best friends needs some loving and spoiling every once in a while. Giving a dog a space of their own provides them security, space, and some much-needed rest.

Spoil Them With Comfort

Our raised dog beds are specially designed to provide the appropriate amount of comfort, while also supporting many of your pooches needs that they don't even think about. The suspension of the bed above the floor helps keep their joints from hitting pressure points that could cause them discomfort. It can also help keep them from overheating, because with being four and a half inches off the ground your pup can extra air flow. Our beds have been considered the most comfortable pet beds on the market, and that's not by accident. We've designed these beds that way. The sturdy vinyl that our beds are made out of are designed to not only provide strength but comfort as well. They are soft, but stable, and made to last through all of the years that your pup relaxes on this bed.

Spoil Them With Hygiene

Okay, so this may be more of a spoil for YOU, but really, your dog will appreciate it as well. Does your dog hate to lay on soiled blankets and beds? This is common for many dogs, and can be a problem - especially with a pillow bed. Should anything happen that would soil your pet bed, our beds were made to be easy to clean and keep the clean. They are easy to wipe up when spills happen, and easy to clean when needed. They also don't provide a breeding ground for bacteria and odor, which is commonly found in a pillow bed. Our premium pet beds are durable and breathable, while also providing a healthy environment for your pet.

Spoiling Your Pet

When your pet is as cuddly and cute as yours, spoiling comes naturally. So how can you resist that face when they REALLY want a brand new pet bed?! Visit our website today at www.PetCot.com to learn more about our premium pet beds, and see which size would be best for your furry friend. Trust us, you'll love this bed almost as much as your pet!

Taking Comfort and Care to a New Level for Pets!

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fun Facts About Assistance Dogs

The law recognizes three differnt types of assistance dogs, and all of the are highly valued by their owners. The most recent statistic suggest that there are at least 387,000 service dogs in the United States, and that doesn't include therapy or emotional support dogs. August 4th is Assistance Dogs Day, and it's celebrated every year to gear up for International Assistance Dog Week, which is happening on August 7th - 13th. Here are some interesting facts about assistance dogs, the different types there are, and more.

3 Types of Assistance Dogs

Service Dogs

Service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks, and the law even allows for owners to train their own dogs. There are many different types of disbilities that require a service, the most common are mobility problems, blindness, paralysis, epilepsy panic attacks, deafness, speech problems, and PTSD.

Emotional Support Dogs

These dogs are not required to be trained to perform a specific task. Their job is to be there for companionship, affection, and to provide comfort to their owner. You will see an emotional support dog for conditions like anxiety disorders, panic attacks, stress, social phobia, PTSD, and chronic depression.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are not trained in a specific task, and much like emotional support dogs, are there for companionship. The difference is that they are generall used for patients in a hospital, nursing home, or other palliative care environment. A dog under this category is not afforded the same protections under the ADA as service dogs and emotional support dogs, and they may not be able to accompany you to as many public places.

International Assistance Dog Week

Every year on the first Sunday of August we celebrate this week to recognize of all the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs helping people navigate their disability-related limitations. Assistance dogs transform the lives of their human partners with debilitating physical and mental disabilities by serving as their companion, helper, aide, best friend and close member of their family.

History of International Assistance Dog Week

This event was established due to the efforts of Marcie Davis, a paraplegic for over 35 years. As a member of a service dog team, she founded Working Like Dogs to honor assistance dogs around the world and is sponsoring International Assistance Dog Week.

Pet Beds for Service Dogs

At the PetCot Company, we love every furry friend, but there is a special place in our heart for the pups who stand by their human's side through the adversity that may come from illness. Do you know an assistance dog who would love to have a place they can come home to at night and relax? A PetCot bed is a premium raised pet bed that would be ideal for any pet. It sits 4.5" above the floor, allowing for proper support and ultimate comfort. If you're ready to purchase one of our premium pet beds, visit our website today: www.PetCot.com.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Accessories To Improve Your PetCot!

While we will be the first to say that the PetCot raised pet bed is a wonderful addition to your house, and it doesn't need accessories to improve it - some dogs need a little extra love! That's why we have created some amazing accessories for your PetCot, and we can't wait to show you more about them.

Dry As A Bone Incontinent Bed

If you have an older dog or a dog with urinary incontinence, this is the bed for you! The "Dry As A Bone" dog bed is a special PetCot created for dogs with urinary problems or who are recovering from surgery and are bed-ridden. The wider mesh cover is dependable and made for urine to drain through to a tray. Pet owners love having their carpets and floors stay clean and, most importantly, your dog's skin will stay drier.

As always, our bed is easy to clean. The fabric is comfortable, breathable, dries quickly and odor free. Simply wash the fabric with soap and water or a safe disinfectant. The urine tray is easily removable to empty and clean.

Best yet, if you are an existing PetCot customer and your dog begins exhibiting some urinary difficulties, there is no need to purchase a whole new bed. Just order the "Dry as a Bone" PetCot replacement cover and tray. It's that simple!

Available in the following sizes:
  • Medium: Measures 39" 22" x 4.5"
  • Large: Measures 39" x 28" x 4.5"
  • Extra-Large: Measures 46" x 30" x 4.5"

Fleece Cover

The PetCot is the most relaxing bed on the market. For an added touch of comfort, add a PetCot Fleece Cover. Made of high-quality, synthetic lambswool exclusively for The PetCot Company's PetCot. Attaches securely with 1" elastic. Machine washable. Available in the following sizes:

Available in the following sizes:
  • Small: 22" x 22"
    • Medium: 39" x 22"
    • Large: 39" x 22"
    • Extra Large: 46" x 30"

    Orthopedic Dog Bed Insert

    The orthopedic dog bed insert enhances the benefits of the PetCot. The orthopedic insert adds comfort and support for all pets, especially those with joint and hip problems.

    The Orthopedic pad was designed to be used in conjunction with our fleece cover.

    Available in the following sizes:
    • Small 17 X 20
    • Medium 20 X 36
    • Large 23 X 36
    • X-Large 26 X 42

    Chew Guards

    Does your dog or pup tend to chew through every bed yoru purchase for them? When you get a PetCot, you are improving yoru chances of your pet not chewing through the bed, but there are still a few who make it a point to destroy anything in thair path. We brought out the Chew Guards this year so that you have added protection, and your pet bed will last longer!

    Premium Raised Pet Beds for Your Furry Friend

    Most dogs and cats need a space that they can call their own, and many have found that their favorite is a PetCot bed. They aren't just a favorite with the pets either, the owners love them just as much, if not more! They are easy to clean, easy to store, less damage resistent, and super comfortable for yoru pet. Are you ready to try out these amazing raised pet beds? We do have to warn you, once you try them, you won't be able to go back to the others!

    Taking Comfort and Care to a New Level for Pets!

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    Tuesday, July 19, 2016

    Hot Weather Tips for Your Furry Friend

    If you stepped outside to walk your dog this morning and had to hang onto something to keep from passing out because of the extreme heat - you're not alone! This week is going to reach extraordinary levels in the Midwest, and while it may only be 94° degrees, it's going to feel like 108°. If you think that's bad enough, it's only supposed to get hotter throughout the week, topping off at 100° on Saturday. At PetCot, we know that you'll want to be escaping this heat as fast as you can, but so will your four-legged friends. Here are a few tips to help keep them cool and safe through this summer heat.

    WATER - Always

    We know this goes without saying, but keeping their water bowl filled with cool, clean water is a must when the weather is this warm. If your dog stays outside, please make sure that they have enough to get through the day while you're not there. Put it in a cool shaded place so that it doesn't get hot. Don't leave glass dishes unattended on a wood porch, by the way. The reflections from the glass have been known to start fires in some cases. If you'll be going out for exercise, either bring a bottle of water and a bowl in your vehicle for your dog, or plan stops along the way where you know there is natural water so they can stay hydrated.

    Keep Their Temperature Down

    Dogs pant to keep their temperatures down, and, unlike humans, cannot sweat the heat away. This means that it takes your dog significantly more time to cool off, and sometimes they just need some help. Keep your furry friend in a cool shady place, if not inside in the air conditioning. You can apply rubbing alcohol on the pads of their foot to help bring their temps down, and you can also put ice packs under their armpits. Ice is also another good way to cool their bodies down, giving them a few cubes to chew on can really help. Just beware that they don't choke on them.

    Be Aware of Their Location

    Always be aware of where your dog will be so that you can make sure they are safe. Never leave your dog in a car without proper airflow. Even in the shade, your car can still reach astronomical temperatures, and be much hotter than you would appreciate sitting in. If your dog primarily lives outside, you can make sure that they have adequate shade, lots of water, and if they have access to a pool to lie in, that can be helpful.

    Protect Their Skin & Paws

    You want to keep your dog groomed, but don't trim down too far! A good idea is to leave at least one inch of fur. Their fur provides protection from bugs, mosquitos, and the sun, plus if your dog is double-coated, the undercoat actually helps with air flow. Also, remember that if the pavement is too hot for you to walk on, it's too hot for them to walk on. Either save walking for later in the day when it's cooled down, or get them booties to help protect their paws.

    PetCot Cares About Your Pet

    We don't just care that your pet has a comfortable raised pet bed to sleep on, we care that they have a great place to relax all day long - especially while it's so hot outside. As the temperatures get warmer, remember that one of the biggest advantages of the PetCot dog bed is that it is raised off of the ground by four and a half inches, so there is always air flow moving around your pet. Our premium dog beds are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so when you need to take your pet outside, they can still be comfortable on the pet bed that they love! Visit our website to select the bed size for you and have it shipped to your front door!

    Taking Comfort and Care to a New Level for Pets!

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    Friday, July 15, 2016

    Things To Do For Pet Fire Safety Day

    Did you know that nearly 1000 house fires each year are actually caused by your pet?  The Kennel Club and ADT Security Services worked together to create the first Pet Fire Safety Day in the late 2000s to help bring awareness to this important fact. At the PetCot Company, we want to help keep your pet safe from the premium pet bed they use to their daily routine to keep them from being involved in a terrible accident. Here are a few things you can do as a pet owner to help keep the risk of fire at bay.

    Always Extinguish Open Flames

    This may seem obvious, but it really is important. Many people think that dogs are afraid of fire, but in many cases, they are actually attracted to the heat. If you have been grilling, always make sure to put out the flames before leaving the grill unattended. If your pet accidentally knocks it over, it can start a fire quicker than you would think. Obviously, you never want to leave candles lit when you leave your pet home alone either. Invest in fireless candles if you really want to leave something lit when you leave.

    Cover Exposed Cords

    Whether your pet loves to chew on things or they never touch anything in your home, it's always a goo idea to unplug cords when you're gone. You never know when they'll get the urge to start chewing on something. If they do chew on a cord that's plugged in, not only can it put them in danger of being electrocuted, but it can also potentially start a fire.

    Remove the Stove Knobs

    If your stove knobs are on the front of your stove, it's always a good idea to remove them before you leave. There are stories of dogs who were left home alone with food sitting on the stove, and in an attempt to get it down, they accidentally turned on the burner which caused the pan to catch fire. It can happen quicker than you think. so prepare for these things in advance to help keep your home and your pet safe.

    Beware of te Water Bowl

    If you have a wooden deck, it's always a good idea to steer clear of glass water bowls. Sun rays can actually filter through the glass and heat up enough to ignite the deck beneath it. If your pet stays outside during the day, it's always a good idea to choose stainless steel or ceramic bowls, and put their water away from the house and in the shade. Not only does this help the fire hazard, but it keeps their water fresher longer.

    Have An Escape Plan

    Finally, you can't prepare for everything, but you can have an escape plan. If you have a security service that arrives when the smoke alarms go off, this can help reduce the chance of harm to your pet. Their immediate response can be the difference between life and death. You can also affix a pet alert window cling to your front door or nearby window to alert anyone who may be coming in that you have a pet inside so they can act quickly. You can also give a key to a neighbor that you trust, so in the case of an emergency they can release your pet as long as they won't be in danger.

    Caring For Your Pet In Everything

    Your pet is a part of your family, and because we understand that, we provide a product that your family member will love. While you work during the day and leave your furry friend home, they can relax on a raised pet bed, and hopefully, stay out of trouble! We hope you can take some necessary measures today to make sure that your four-legged friend stays safe while you're away while we remember Pet Fire Safety Day.

    Taking Comfort and Care to a New Level for Pets!

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