Thursday, July 7, 2016

Why The Doctor Prescribes a PetCot!

While you may think that the only reason you should have a PetCot is because it's a "pretty" pet bed, or it's a luxury pet bed for the spoiled pooch, there's more to it. While a PetCot bed is all of those things, it's also so much more! Our raised pet beds are not just pretty or luxurious, they are also a great advantage for your pets health, as well as your own peace of mind. Here are a few reasons why veterinarians actually use our beds, and why you should consider using them too!

Reasons to Buy a Petcot

The Elevated Design

Our unique 4 ½" elevated dog bed evenly distributes dog's weight while keeping the dog away from excessive cold, heat, moisture and pests. Other cot-style beds on the market are higher elevation making it hard for older pets to get on and off.

They Are Comfortable & Hygienic

The PetCot dog bed provides comfort and support for Pets while NOT providing a breeding ground for bacteria and odor found in pillow beds.

Wellness Care is EASY

The PetCot dog bed helps prevent joint-related difficulties and cuts down on elbow calluses. It is great for all dogs and cats and beneficial for arthritic and geriatric pets. The PetCot dog bed evenly supports your pet, unlike filled beds that can clump and become uneven. 

They Are Easy To Clean

No more washer or dryers to clean dog beds! Woven, vinyl-coated polyester fabric is breathable, will not puddle water and dries quickly and odor-free. It is the favorite choice for cleaning ease (with a cloth or hose with soap and water, or safe disinfectant). Durable and breathable, it provides dogs with a healthy, cool environment.

Veterinarian Testimonials

Now that you know the reasons that a PetCot is so loved by your pet, and recommended by your veterinarian, here are some testimonials to prove why they love them so much.
We want you to know how delighted we are with the PetCot products we have tried. We have found several places for the pads in recovering or incapacitated dog's cages and they seem to be pretty indestructible and easy to clean. The item we really like the best has been the PetCots themselves. We routinely have our Rehabilitation patients lie on them while we use our treatment devices or while we perform manual therapy on these patients. Many of the patients are wet, coming out of the pool or Underwater Treadmill and the PetCots are perfect for these animals getting ready for one therapy or another. Our rehab clinic uses them everyday and many animals walk right up to them and lie down getting ready for their treatment. They are so comfortable most animals "climb aboard" without being coaxed. Several of our clients want to use them at home for their animals to sleep up off the floor. We have really enjoyed using these products and wish you great success in the future.

Steve Steinberg, VMD, DACVIM (neurology), Head of Neurology VCA/VRA, Instructor: Canine Rehabilitation Institute, President: Veterinary Specialty Services, LLC
Hi Kim,
The PetCot was quite busy during our two courses this month. We had a minimally ambulatory Boxer who loved the bed even when we were not 'in session'. The class observed how easy it was to examine a 'down dog' on the cot, saving the examiners' backs and keeping the dog comfortable at the same time. Everyone was impressed!

Janet Van Dyke, DVM
CEO and Founder
Canine Rehabilitation Institute

Purchase A Premium Pet Bed

These are just a few reasons that our beds are good for your pet. This doesn't include the fact that they are extremely durable. One of the most popular testimonials we receive from our customers is that they have stood up to even the most aggressive chewers and still look brand new! Plus they can be used indoors and out, so if you're looking for a durable pet bed, you can't go wrong with ours. If you're ready buy the best pet bed out there, visit our website at and find the perfect match for you!

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