Thursday, May 18, 2017

7 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

Summer is almost here! That means families are gearing up for trips and vacations. If you're thinking about taking your pet with you on your next family vacation, you'll want to properly prepare for traveling with your pet. The PetCot Company has come up with 7 tips to help make traveling with your pet easy and enjoyable.

Prepare to travel with your pet with these handy tips:

1. Update your pet's ID information

Before hitting the road with your beloved pet, make sure to have a plan for the worst case scenario. It's very easy for your pet to become anxious or restless while riding in the car for extended periods of time. This can lead to your pet uncharacteristically making a run for it when you open a door. Be prepared for this possibility by making sure their ID tags or microchip is up to date. Check that the contact information is accurate and legible. Also, keep a copy of your pet's medical records in your vehicle just in case.

2. Exercise before the trip

You know you're going to be in the vehicle for a while, so plan ahead to give your pet a little extra exercise time before heading out. This will help to prevent them from being restless during the ride, and will more than likely help them to sleep during the beginning of the trip. Don't forget to give them plenty of time to stretch and exercise them during stops.

3. Make proper stay arrangements

When traveling overnight keep in mind that not all lodging facilities allow pets. Before taking off, book pet-friendly hotels, and look for destinations that allow you to take your canine companion or feline friend. This will eliminate the headache of trying to find last minute lodging when you're tired and ready to get off the road.

4. Plan plenty of rest stops

Just like people, pets need to take a break from the road every now and then. While planning out your trip, look into good rest areas that are pet friendly and safe. Plan to stop at least every few hours to let your pet stretch and relieve themselves. This is a great time to take your pet for a brisk walk to exert some of that pent up energy so they don't get frustrated in the car.

5. Prepare for pets with anxiety

Many pets experience anxiety when traveling if it's not a common thing for them. To help your pet's anxiety, discuss getting a prescription to help with anxiety with your vet ahead of time. If you prefer a non-prescription approach, you can also look into anxiety reducing products such as a Thundershirt, or bring along a familiar blanket or their favorite toys to help keep them calm.

6. Don't leave your pet alone in the car

You're going to need to stop on the way to grab a bite to eat or fuel up. It may seem like a quick pit stop to you. However, heat is a serious hazard. On an 85-degree day, even with the windows slightly open, the temperature inside your car can reach 102 degrees in just 10 minutes. Temperatures like these can cause irreversible organ damage or death. Have a plan in place to ensure your pet isn't left alone in the vehicle by either planning out rest stops where you can take your pet with you, or choosing drive through stops so you can remain in your vehicle to keep it running and cool.

7. Secure your pet while driving

While it may be tempting to let your pet free roam on your travel, this is not a good idea. Secure your pet in a travel kennel or pet seat belt to keep them restrained to the back seat or cargo area. Not only will this keep them from unexpectedly jumping in your lap and possibly causing an accident, but it will keep them safe from extensive injury in the event of a collision. The PetCot Company has waterproof crate pads to make your pet's travel in a kennel comfortable.

With these 7 tips for traveling with your pet, you'll be hitting the road to your next vacation destination with your pet in no time! Don't forget to order a waterproof crate pad for your pet's travel kennel. The pad is constructed with orthopedic foam to allow for optimum comfort, as well as durability. It is easy to clean, fast drying and UV resistant, making it a perfect choice for traveling with a pet. Visit our website TODAY to get your PetCot products ordered in time for your next road trip!

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