Wednesday, February 24, 2016

10 Tips to Keep Your Home From Smelling Like A Dog Kennel

Your pup is a sweet member of the family. They're entertaining, hilarious, sweet, cuddly and more, but they can also drag odors around with them that seem larger than your pup, themselves. While odors can sometimes be unavoidable, there are a few things you can do to keep them at bay, and keep your furry friend smellings fresh every day.

Regular Bathing

If you want to nip the odors in the bud, you'll have to start with the root of the smell. Keeping your pup clean, and providing regular baths will make a HUGE impact in the overall smell of your home. You can choose specific products and cleaners that help with cleaning, just make sure that it won't hurt your furry friends sensitive skin. You can also consider a dry shampoo if you can't work a bath in all of the time. Brush it through their hair, and you may just find that the odor brushes out with it!

Consistent Brushing

While brushing your pooch's hair can help keep your home cleaner, it has more reasons than that. When pet hair and dander falls off on the carpet and fabrics in your home, the odors do as well. Different brushes are better for different coat types, so take a look at the label to learn what will be right for your pet. Be gentle, take your time, and make it a fun experience so your pet doesn't run from you when you have the brush next time.

Invest In Proper Cleaning Supplies

From Swiffer's to mops, brooms, and vacuums, look for products that catch hair and retain it. Cleaning up hair will be a fact of life when you have a pet, and consistent cleaning will help keep the odors that come with pet hair and dander to a minimum.

Get a Pet Bed That Stays Clean

It goes without saying that a standard pet bed can hold a collection of odors, pests and other things you pet may drag in from their adventures. A PetCot bed will allow you to easily clean the space that your pet relaxes and spends so much of their time. Our beds also sit off the ground, so they air out completely, and you won't have stale sweat and moisture building up inside.

Accidents Happen

Especially when you have a puppy, accidents are going to happen, but the right products can help you not only clean but eliminate. Using an enzymatic cleaner will help get all signs of the odor out of your carpet.

Find a Hair Removal Tool That Works For You

From lint rollers to hair removal mitts, your local pet shop should have many items in stock to help you remove hair. From your couch, bed, blankets, and clothes, your pets hair will likely end up everywhere, so stock up on the right tools to get those hairs off.

Clean the Air Filters

While you may not think to clean your air filters more frequently because of a pet, they can make a huge difference in the overall scent of your home. Not to mention that it could get clogged up with pet hair.

Don't Forget Dental Hygiene

While most of the odors in your home will not be coming from your dog's mouth, good dental hygiene can make a big difference in some of the odors. Especially if your dog drools on their blankets or bed.

Good Hygiene Starts with a Great Pet Bed

While our pets may emit extreme odors sometimes, that doesn't affect how much you love cuddling with that sweet ball of fur. One of the easiest ways to help eliminate odors is to get rid of the pet bed in your home that attracts bacteria, sweat, saliva, hair, and all of the odors you've been trying to rid your home of. Check out our website today to find a PetCot bed in the right size, and start smelling the impact it makes TODAY!

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