Friday, March 4, 2016

Advantages of a PetCot For YOUR Pet

PetCot beds aren't just for dogs, we've found that there are other pets who appreciate having a place that they can lay down and relax. From pooches to purring kitties, your pet will enjoy the advantage of a PetCot bed. Our beds are engineered specifically for the ease and comfort of your bed, but also the easy maintenance for you. Here are a few advantages to a PetCot bed that we're sure you'll enjoy.

Supportive to All Pet Types

Our beds are made in several different sizes so that they will be perfect for every size of pet. From the tiniest pups to large hounds, we believe every pet need a place to call their own. Aside from dogs, cats also enjoy the suspended comfort of a PetCot bed. 

Easy to Clean

If you're looking for an easy to clean pet bed, look no further! The mesh material is designed to make cleanup quick and easy without much effort from you. The breathable mesh also allows your pet to have a comfortable place to lay, but it won't absorb all of the sweat, dander, hair and drool. This makes our pet beds especially easy to care for and manage, as well as hygienic for you!

Can Be Customized

One of the fun aspects about a PetCot bed is that you can customize the fabric pattern! These beds can match the style or color of your home, without clashing with the ambiance. Here are the colors that are available:
  • Navy Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Golden Brown Tweed
  • Hunter Green
  • Paw Print
  • Dark Print
  • Blue Vinyl
  • Black Vinyl

Replacement Parts

Our beds are one of the most durable on the market. If, however, you have a digger or chewer, we offer affordable, easy to install replacement parts. Just replace the part - not the whole bed! We also offer a 35 oz. vinyl for those dogs that could eat a bus!

Very Durable

The PetCot dog bed is lightweight but tough enough that it is used in thousands of homes and kennel runs nationwide. Our exclusive cover is heat-sealed seamed, not sewn, with corner-to-corner fabric. The frame is made of strong rust resistant steel tubing (not PVC plastic, which can crack and break).

Supports Wellness Care

The PetCot dog bed helps prevent joint-related difficulties and cuts down on elbow calluses. It is great for all dogs and cats and beneficial for arthritic and geriatric pets. The PetCot dog bed evenly supports your pet, unlike filled beds that can clump and become uneven.

At PetCot, we have created a pet bed that perfectly suits the needs of you and your pet. Our innovative beds provide a healthier alternative to cloth beds, which become a haven for odor, dirt, and pests. For both indoor and outdoor use, PetCot pet beds are durable, easy to clean and available in multiple colors and sizes to fit every breed and d├ęcor. They come fully assembled and are stackable, with replacement parts available. If you're ready to see how easy a PetCot bed can make your life, visit our website today!

Taking Comfort and Care to a New Level for Pets!

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