Friday, June 3, 2016

3 Reasons Your DOG Wants a PetCot

Many people think that they are purchasing a PetCot bed because they like it, but in reality, your dog likes it more than you do! At PetCot, we have designed a bed that not only accomplishes the necessary features of a bed but also highlights the important aspects you might not have even thought of. We have created something that you and your dog will equally love because it's hygienic and comfortable. Here are a few reasons why your PET actually wants this bed just as much as you do.

It Gives Them a Place

Every pet wants to have that "place" that they can call their own. A place to relax when they've had a busy day, and place to retreat to if there is too much action happening in the home, or just the satisfaction of knowing in a home that belongs to the humans, they have a spot just for them. That is what the PetCot provides for them. If you've ever done any research on pet training, you will also know that having a "place" can be extremely beneficial in training methods. You can learn more about this from two of our blog articles, Can You Teach An Old Do New Tricks? and Important Steps for Training Your New Puppy.

It's Comfortable and Cool

When your raised pet bed first arrives, if you've never used a raised bed, you maybe have to encourage your dog to use it. It can be unfamiliar to them at the beginning, but after a few days of encouragement, you'll find that this bed is a comfortable place for them to relax. Our beds are suspended 4.5" off the ground, allowing for plenty of flex when you're pup lays down on it. This provides a very comfortable location for your dog, young or old. We also have additional pads you can add to your PetCot to make it even more comfortable. Our premium pet beds also remain cool because of the woven vinyl fabric. This doesn't retain heat as much as pillow beds, which can be a huge benefit for any dog who has reactions to heat. The height of the bed also allows for air flow underneath them which can keep the heat to a minimum as well.

It's Sturdy

Have you ever purchased a pillow bed, only to have it destroyed minutes after bringing it home? We're sure that your pet doesn't mean to wreak havoc on their bed, but there are just some materials that they can't resist. A PetCot bed provides a sturdy place for them to relax, and can be nearly indestructible to the most ferocious chewers. If you do find that your dog eats it's way through their new bed, we also provide replacement pieces so that you don't have to purchase a whole new bed. If you are concerned that the bed won't be able to stand up to your tiny chewer, you can read multiple reviews of our PetCot beds and see that one of the most popular responses is that they have lasted for years!

Choose the Pet Bed That Your Pet Wants

Our premium dog beds are designed with your dog in mind, so you don't have to worry about whether they'll like it or not, because common dog opinion is that they are great! If you're ready to make the change and find a pet bed that you and your dog will both love, it's time to order your PetCot. You can choose from multiple sizes and colors, so you can make the perfect choice for both you and your dog. Ready to take the next step in pup happiness? Visit our website today and we'll get a PetCot on it's way to your doorstep!

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