Tuesday, October 11, 2016

5 Reasons Why PetCot Beds Are Perfect For Kennels

Does your kennel go through many pet beds? Do you wish there was a bed that was durable enough to withstand chewing and digging, yet comfortable enough for even the pickiest of dogs? Then our premium raised dog beds are right for you and your kennel. Not only are our pet beds loved by pet owners, they are also used by kennels and veterinarians across the United States. Here are a few reasons why the PetCot bed is the perfect pet bed for kennels:

They Are Durable

Durability is one of the reasons why our raised pet bed is used in kennels across the U.S. With possibly hundreds of dogs using the pet beds in the kennel, you want something that will last. Our durable pet beds will withstand the wear and tear associated with running a kennel. You can also add on chew guards to protect the beds from those that do like to chew. If you do have a dog chew or dig his way through our raised beds, you can just order a replacement part. You dont have to buy a new bed – just the part!

They Can Be Used Inside and Outside

PetCot beds can be used inside and outside, which makes them the perfect addition to any kennel. The fabric is UV light resistance so it will not easily fade in the sun. It is also fast drying, so there is no need to worry if it gets left out on a rainy day. Having a bed so versatile will make things easy no matter what the days plans include! 

They are Hygienic and Easy-To-Clean

Our pet beds provide comfort and durability while NOT providing a breeding ground for bacteria. Hygiene is important for kennels, especially with many animals from different backgrounds coming and going. Having so many animals in a combined space means there are lots of germs and odors. Having a hygienic pet bed can help keep your kennel odor and germ free.

They Are Easy-To-Use

The PetCot Company makes it easy for kennel owners to find the best pet bed for their needs. The PetCot beds come in a variety of different sizes to fit any type of kennel. Our quality pet beds also come preassembled (except XL) so you dont have to spend extra time setting up, which means you can spend more time taking care of your business.

Great for All Dogs!

Our raised beds are great for all dogs. The 4 ½ inch raise is tall enough to give a comfortable flex, but still short enough to for easy off and on for older dogs. The PetCot bed comes in a variety of sizing so you can stock your kennel with something for everyone.

The Perfect Pet Bed for Kennels!

The PetCot bed is a perfect pet bed for kennels for a variety of different reasons. If you are wanting to purchase quality raised pet beds for your kennel, the PetCot Company offers a discount for large quantity purchases. We have been serving the kennel community for over 14 years and we hope to serve your kennel soon! Visit our website at www.PetCot.com today! 

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