Monday, October 31, 2016

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During Halloween

It's almost time to take your furry fiend out and scare the kids into giving you candy! If your one of the many people who takes their pet trick-or-treating, it can be a blast for the whole family. At the PetCot Company, we care about your pet from the type of premium pet bed they sleep on, to their extracurricular activities! Here are a few things to keep in mind so that your pet is kept safe through the holiday festivities.

Candy Is Not for Pets

It goes without saying that candy and pets don't mix, and really should ever mix. All forms of chocolate are poisonous to dogs and cats alike, possibly causing diarrhea, vomiting, increased heart rate or even seizures. Keep all of the candy up out of reach from the pets from the beginning of the holiday to the end.

Keep Pets Away From the Door

The whole evening you will have strangers coming up to your door, which is terrifying enough for many pets, but then to have them dressed in costume too - it may just be too much for them. If possible, keep your pets away from the door. If you have an entry way that can be gated off, you can keep them away you can keep them in a closed off room with you when you're not answering the door.

Only Dress Them Up If They Like It

Some pets don't like to be dressed up, in costume so it is always best to remain flexible in case they really can't stand it. If you are determined to get them dressed up, make sure you start several days in advance to get them used to the feeling of the costume.

Keep Your Pets Indoors

If you have a black cat, this is especially true. Pranksters have been known to snatch up unsuspecting pets, especially the outdoor ones, for their own version of "trick-or-treat." Don't let your pet become a victim to them, and keep your pets put up for a few days around the holiday to make sure nothing happens.

Snap a Recent Shot

Finally, take a recent photograph of your pet, and make sure that their name tag has been updated. Just in case something should happen and they escape, it will be helpful to have this information on hand.

PetCot Cares About Pet Safety

Any holiday can be a bit surprising to your pet because the routines change and sometimes involve things they aren't as comfortable with. Take some time to love on your pet during a holiday weekend, and don't forget to create a safe place for them to retreat to when they need a break. You can put their favorite raised pet bed within easy access, as well as any blankets or toys that they love. If you haven't purchased a PetCot, don't delay! Our beds are premium dog beds, and loved by the pets and their owners alike. Happy Halloween from the PetCot Company!

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