Monday, March 13, 2017

Pamper Your Pooch's Paws

If you have ever enjoyed getting a pedicure, or even just kicking your feet up to relax, don't forget that your dog would probably love a little TLC on their feet as well. From walking on the hot ground to stepping on ice cold sidewalks, your furry friend experiences a lot of different temperatures without the benefit of shoes, and generally without any paw care at all. Here at PetCot, we know how important it is to care for every aspect of your pet, including their paws. Here are a few ways you can keep their feet groomed and cared for.

Puppy Pedicure

Even your pup needs a pedicure every once in a while. If their nails click on the floor, they could also be getting snagged on the floor. Check with our vet or groomer to learn which type of nail trimmer would be the best for your dog, and ask how far to trim them. Or you can take them to the groomer and let the professionals handle it.

Check Between Their Toes

The area between your pup's toes is famous for getting things lodged between them. From foxtails and pebbles to even small bits of glass - you never know what you may find in there. Make it a point to regularly clean between their toes, and should you find something that doesn't belong, you can use some tweezers to remove it.

Use Moisturizer

The pads on the bottoms of your dog's feet can become cracked and dry if you don't care for them properly. Ask your vet for a good pad moisturizer and use as directed. Make sure you don't use human hand moisturizer, though. This can soften the pads too much and lead to injuries.

Deep Massage

Do you enjoy a good hand massage? That's similar to what a paw massage will feel like to your pup! Take some time and relax your dog, as well as improve circulation by rubbing their paws. Get in between each pad on the bottom of their paw - they will love the extra attention!

Be Careful With New Exercises

If you want to start a new exercise with your pup, be sure that you start out slow and steady. With fast-paced exercises that are brought on quickly, their paws may become sensitive, chaffed, or even cracked. This is especially true with long hikes and running.

Paw First Aid

As sad as it may be, it's not uncommon for your poor pup to suffer cuts and other wounds from accidentally stepping on glass, debris, and other sharp objects. If a wound is small, you can clean it with an antibacterial wash and cover it with a dog bootie. If it's deeper, you'll want to visit your vet.

Summer and Winter Care

In the summer the ground can be so hot that your poor pet can get blisters and burns from the pavement, yet in the winter, the extreme cold and salt can cause sores, infection, and blistering. No matter what season your pet is stepping out into, be sure to help them reduce the risk of injury by caring for their paws. Keep them clean when they come inside to wash off any chemicals and you can even get them some little boots to keep their feet protected.

Proactive Pooch Protection

It's always better to think ahead and prepare for your pet to stay safe than to try to take care of it after the damage has been done. Their paws are only one aspect - don't forget their joints and hygiene. Did you know that a pillow bed for your pet is not only NOT supportive of their joints, but it can also harbor bacteria and pests? Protect your pet with a premium pet bed! Our raised dog bed keeps them from laying on the hard ground, and our easy to clean material means that you won't be inviting pesky pests into your home. Visit our website to learn more about our PetCot raised pet beds, and order yours today!

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