Friday, April 1, 2016

GREAT Testimonials for the PetCot Company

At the PetCot company, we take your satisfaction very seriously. Our products are designed to be the best pet beds on the market, and the are perfect for pets in all walks of life. From young, happy pups who are still active and want to use everything as a chew toy to older dogs who need a comfortable place to relax. Here are a few testimonials from our clients showing why our raised pet beds are so wonderful.

Testimonials for the PetCot Brand Pet Bed

"I got my PetCot yesterday. I have to tell you, I was a little nervous about how my 11-year-old dog would adapt to it. I placed it on the floor, he immediately jumped on it and then got off, looked underneath it and the dove back on. I don't think he has been off of it since. Thank you so much for providing such a great product in a timely manner!"  - Tatum Westphal, on behalf of Otto - the best boy EVER!

"We Can't wait to get our order of new PetCots here at the Texas Pet resort! Everyone is so excited! The dogs love them, and the staff loves how durable they are and super-easy and quick to clean and sanitize, and that is so important to us!"  - Vicky Wommack Fultz

"The following is an explanation of how we use the PetCot in training. We call the PetCot a climb bed. the 'climb' is a command we teach the dogs to stay on top of the PetCot and not jump off. We like to call it a kennel without walls. The owners can tell their dogs to 'climb' when they are watching TV, cooking, cleaning, or just hanging out with the family. This way the dog can still be out with the family even though they may be unable to have their full attention on the dog, but they can still be consistent with training. The dogs can do anything up there except jump off. It is also very useful when company comes to the door to keep the dog from rushing and jumping on your visitors. The 'climb' is the dog's job, so they aren't able to come up with some unfavorable jobs on their own. Small puppies can learn the climb easily and it aids in potty training. We like to use the PetCot brand because the beds are comfortable for the dogs, they always seem to favor the PetCot versus another type of 'climb.' The clients like them because they are easy to move from room to room or to take on a camping trip. They are obviously more decorative for people to put in their living room as well." - Jake Kemp, Instructor at Dog House Inc.

"I received the PetCot beds with 35-ounce vinyl a few days ago and gave them to my two most aggressive chewers. I have pleased to report that they are still intact. One is scuffed up a bit, but not much. I have tried nearly ever bed in the market that was advertised as chew proof and yours is the only bed that has come close. I just placed an order for four more and plan to order four a month until I have them in all 16 runs and also a couple for outside! My business partner, Marie Thomas, is ordering some too. Thank you so much for this wonderful product." - Kathy Harris, Hilltop Bull Dogs

Chew Proof Dog Beds!

As you can see from these reviews, we have many happy customers, and we are proud to say that the reviews keep coming in. PetCot beds are set apart from the rest because they are easy to clean, easy to use, easy to store, and hard to destroy! The minute you take your PetCot bed out of the packaging, you will find that your dog will enjoy the comfort, and you will enjoy how easy they are. No more smelly, nasty pet beds that store germs and odors - PetCot beds are easy to clean! If you're ready to buy the best pet beds on the market, visit our website today!

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