Wednesday, August 10, 2016

3 Ways to Spoil Your Dog with a PetCot

Did you know that it's National Spoil Your Dog Day? If anyone knows about spoiling a dog, it's the folks here at PetCot! We don't think your dog just needs a bed to lay on, but a premium raised dog bed to relax and feel spoiled with. If you don't own a PetCot, you may not realize why they are so incredible, and that's why we are honored to show you! Here are 3 ways a PetCot can absolutely SPOIL your dog.

Spoil Them With a Space

Even the most extroverted dog needs a space that they can call their own. A place where they can crash after a busy day, a space to relax when they need to catch up on sleep, and even a bed where they can sit back and watch a few movies with you. We all know that your dog plays just as vital of a role in your life as you do in theirs, and that man's best friends needs some loving and spoiling every once in a while. Giving a dog a space of their own provides them security, space, and some much-needed rest.

Spoil Them With Comfort

Our raised dog beds are specially designed to provide the appropriate amount of comfort, while also supporting many of your pooches needs that they don't even think about. The suspension of the bed above the floor helps keep their joints from hitting pressure points that could cause them discomfort. It can also help keep them from overheating, because with being four and a half inches off the ground your pup can extra air flow. Our beds have been considered the most comfortable pet beds on the market, and that's not by accident. We've designed these beds that way. The sturdy vinyl that our beds are made out of are designed to not only provide strength but comfort as well. They are soft, but stable, and made to last through all of the years that your pup relaxes on this bed.

Spoil Them With Hygiene

Okay, so this may be more of a spoil for YOU, but really, your dog will appreciate it as well. Does your dog hate to lay on soiled blankets and beds? This is common for many dogs, and can be a problem - especially with a pillow bed. Should anything happen that would soil your pet bed, our beds were made to be easy to clean and keep the clean. They are easy to wipe up when spills happen, and easy to clean when needed. They also don't provide a breeding ground for bacteria and odor, which is commonly found in a pillow bed. Our premium pet beds are durable and breathable, while also providing a healthy environment for your pet.

Spoiling Your Pet

When your pet is as cuddly and cute as yours, spoiling comes naturally. So how can you resist that face when they REALLY want a brand new pet bed?! Visit our website today at to learn more about our premium pet beds, and see which size would be best for your furry friend. Trust us, you'll love this bed almost as much as your pet!

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