Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why Buy a Hygienic Pet Bed

Just like with humans, your pets need to maintain a certain level of hygiene. They will groom themselves, as we're sure you notice, but sometimes they need some extra help in that department. From giving them baths, brushing their hair, and even brushing their teeth, there are many different ways to keep your pet clean and smelling fresh. One of the best ways, though, is by making sure their bed is just as clean as they are.

Pillow Beds

If just the thought of touching your pets pillow bed grosses you out, we understand. These beds are made, generally out of a soft, absorbent material, and then filled with fluffy absorbent filling. Everything about these beds is absorbent, and that's not a good thing. From sweat and drool to vomit and urine, you will most likely find a variety of different bacterias in your pet's bed.

Thankfully, you can throw it in the washer ... right? Well, sort of. Generally, after being in the washer and dryer they come out fluffed into one big ball and not the pet bed you threw in there. It can take your pet days to get the fluff unkinked and back into its original spot, and by that time, it's almost time to wash it again.

Why Does My Pet Need a Hygienic Pet Bed?

If you've read any studies on the benefits to washing your sheets on a regular basis, you'll know that having clean bedding on your own bed is extremely valuable. From dust, dander, sweat, and skin cells, there are many things that will build up on your sheets, and cleaning them can help you avoid allergies. The same applies to your pet!

By providing a safe place for your pet to relax, you are also providing a healthy atmosphere. A clean bed can help improve their health, the way the smell, and even help with bugs and bacteria. Other beds can accumulate sweat, dog hair, dander, saliva, fleas, ticks, and more. A clean, hygienic bed is not only good for your pet but also your home as well.

Hygienic Advantages to Owning a PetCot

No more washer or dryers to clean dog beds! Woven, vinyl-coated polyester fabric is breathable, will not puddle water and dries quickly and odor-free. It is the favorite choice for cleaning ease (with a cloth or hose with soap and water, or safe disinfectant). Durable and breathable, it provides dogs with a healthy, cool environment. The PetCot dog bed provides comfort and support for Pets while NOT providing a breeding ground for bacteria and odor found in pillow beds.

The Best Raised Pet Bed on the Market

At the PetCot Company, we know that our product can make a difference for your pet's hygiene and health, which is why we want everyone to know about these amazing beds! They don't just stop at helping with hygiene, though. Our premium pet beds are attractive, durable, easy to clean, great for use indoors and out, as well as comfortable. You just can't get any better than that. Are you ready to see how much of an impact our premium raised pet beds can be? Visit our website at www.PetCot.com to learn more!

Taking Comfort and Care to a New Level for Pets!

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