Tuesday, August 23, 2016

7 Reasons Children Need Pets

When you think back to your best childhood memories was there a furry friend right along with you? What would childhood be like if there wasn't a pet trailing along after your child, a "Nana" per se, helping them to become all that they can be, comforting them when they're sad, as well as providing plenty of exercise? Here at PetCot, we realize the benefit that furry friends have in your life, and we love to encourage families who raise pets and kids alongside each other. Here are a few reasons every child needs a four-legged friend to grow older with them.

It Can Encourage Responsibility

Having a pet of their own can help encourage your children to be responsible. It may not start out that way, but slowly, as your children grow, they will learn that caring for their pet is required. There are many things a pet needs in order to be cared for properly, from routine feedings to brushing, training, exercise, playing, and more. All of these things require your child to interact with your pet, and in the end can be a great lesson in responsibility.

Kids With Pets Can Be More Active

Like your children, pets require a certain amount of exercise in order to be healthy. Because of this, your children will most likely increase their activity level because they can go out and play with their pet. Games of fetch, walking and running, imaginary play and more can all be accomplished with a furry friend by their side!

Many Kids With Pets Won't Need As Many Antibiotics

There are studies that show that a child who grows up in a home with pets will need fewer antibiotics to protect them from the outside world. While it may seem like it's important to keep your child away from anything that can make it sick, having a pet can help introduce bacterias and allergens slowly enough that they can build antibodies to them. This is just as true with pets who live outside more as well because they are dragging germs in that they child may not have normally been exposed to. Studies have shown that families of newborn children with pets show less frequent incidences of colds, sore throats, and coughs!

Pets Can Be a Self-Esteem Booster

The love of a pet is unconditional, we're sure you've experienced this yourself with your pets, but it can be especially good for your children. Create a bond with your pet, and you have that bond forever, they will love you to death for ever and ever. This love can be just what your child needs, especially as they get older and are trying to find their way into adulthood.

Pets Can Teach Consequences

Pets provide a visible and easily recognizable sign of consequences. When the dog isn't fed, they will act out. When your cat doesn't have it's litter box emptied, you may find surprises around the house, or at least experience a strong smell coming from that corner of the house. If Fido hasn't been walked, he will be bouncing off the walls. All of these consequences are something that your child can realize and learn from. This can also teach them to be self-sacrificing because they have to put their needs AFTER the needs of their pet.

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