Wednesday, April 5, 2017

4 Pup-tastic Ways to Include Your Fur Baby in Easter Celebrations!

Everyone enjoys celebrating the holidays. We do so in many ways - whether it's dressing in our best, gift-giving, enjoying a meal with family and friends, there's always some way to celebrate any holiday. With Easter quickly approaching, The PetCot Company wants to share some fun pet-friendly ways to include your fur-babies in on this upcoming celebration! Here's what you can do to include your favorite fuzz ball on Easter Sunday:

Make your Fur Baby an Easter Basket

Pets enjoy getting new things just as much (if not more) than we do. Don't forget your furry friend when you're picking up stuff for the kid's Easter baskets. Include some tasty treats, new chew toys, a new clean collar, and a shiny new name tag. Since spring is here and you're already working on your spring cleaning, now is also a great time to buy them a new comfortable raised dog bed to go with their goodies!

Create an "Easter Egg Hunt" just for them

Give a dog a bone, he'll chew on it for days. Hide dog treats throughout the house and yard and send them on a hunt, and you'll create an entertaining experience for them that the whole family can enjoy and laugh about. This is a great way for the kiddos to get involved in helping out with Easter as well - let them hide the treats. This will keep them busy while you're prepping dinner and entertaining guests. Your dog will love finding treats around every corner and will likely help you come up with new hiding spots to use next year too. Make sure to have your camera on hand, because you're sure to have some hilarious moments you'll want to capture!

Prepare them a Special Meal to Enjoy with the Family

One of the best parts about a family get-together for Easter is getting to spend time together around the dinner table. Your pet wants to be a part of these special moments too. While it's not ideal for them to sit at your guest's feet and beg for scraps, you can definitely include them in this special occasion by preparing them their own fancy Easter dinner nearby so they feel included. If you typically feed dry food only, spice it up with some wet food and sprinkle some tasty treats on top. Your precious pet will adore your efforts to include them in your special family meal.

Dress them in their Sunday Best

Who doesn't love a freshly bathed dog in bows?! ADORABLE! If you're looking fabulous in your Sunday best, so should your pet. Give them a bath and comb their hair so they smell nice and look great for company. Pick out a cute bow or bandanna to match your outfit so you and your furry friend match. If your pooch is cool with it, you can even go to the extremes and deck them out in a full Easter outfit - complete with bunny ears! It will make for some super adorable family photos.

There you go! With these fun-filled ideas from the PetCot Company, your love pug will feel adored and included on Easter Sunday. You'll get some great pictures to share for years to come, and you'll likely get showered with love and affection from your fur baby. For your pet's Easter basket essentials, visit our website today for a premium raised pet bed and other pet supplies!
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