Friday, April 21, 2017

April 23rd is Lost Dog Awareness Day!

This April 23rd marks the 4th annual National Lost Dog Awareness Day - So in an effort to help raise awareness of this very important date, we've decided to write a blog about it! Did you know that many of the stray dogs picked up and taken to shelters are lost pets who got out of their yard or home, and don't have proper identity to determine who or where they belong to? In honor of Lost Dog Awareness Day, the PetCot Company has some helpful tips to prevent your dog from becoming another statistic at the shelter, and to help your dog find his/her way back home to you:

Take Proper Preventative Measures

  • Walk your fenced area regularly to check for weak spots and holes. Fix any problem areas you find immediately. Get your dog acquainted with the yard and areas they are approved to be in. Teach them any "no-no" areas by constantly reminding them to stay away with positive reinforcement and redirection.  
  • Spend extra time training them to sit and stay. Until they have those tricks down and you can trust them to listen, you may need to kennel them or put them in a different room when you are leaving so they don't try to follow you out the door. 
  • Get your dog microchipped, and make sure to update your contact information when it changes. Make sure to also have a durable and legible name/contact tag on your dog's collar so people know how to get ahold of you if they find your pup running about. 

Follow These Tips When Your Dog Gets Out

  • Put food and water out where the dog was last seen. You can also put their favorite bed or blanket out so if they happen to wander by they'll catch a familiar scent and be encouraged to come back home on their own. 
  • Post pictures and contact information on social media and make up flyers to go door-to-door with. Neighbors in the area can be a great source for help in these situations. They can keep an eye out and if they see your dog running around, if they know he's gone missing, they can bring him back home to you or call you to pick him up. 
  • Contact your local shelter or animal control, vet clinics and police department to see if they've had any calls about a stray dog running loose or if anyone has brought your dog in. Leave your contact information with them so they can contact you if/when your dog has been found. 
  • If you've put together a "search team", instruct everyone helping out to not chase your dog if they find him. By chasing the dog, it may frighten them or they may think it's a game, prolonging the search efforts. Have them sit down calmly, call to the dog, and throw treats to entice him to come if possible - then REWARD him greatly with love and affection when he does!

The PetCot Company hopes that your dog never decides to take a stroll down the road without you. However, in the event that your pooch has a tendency to walk on the wild side every now and then, we hope these tips will help you keep your dog safe and at home where it belongs. One of the best ways we can suggest keeping your dog from getting bored and wandering off is to provide them with toys to keep them entertained, and a nice cozy place to sleep that they won't want to leave. If you're in need of a comfy bed for your beloved pup, visit our website to check out our premium raised dog beds that your furbabies are sure to love and want to come back to every night!

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