Thursday, June 1, 2017

Raising Awareness for Adopt a Cat Month!

June is Adopt a Cat month - it also marks the height of kitten season. Typically this is the time of year when shelters see an increase in feline breeding. As shelters are preparing for a massive influx of homeless and newborn cats, they will be looking to find loving homes for felines and resources to care for them until then. If you’re looking to make a difference for cats during this critical time of year, the PetCot Company has some ways you can get involved:

Approximately 4 million cats end up in shelters every year, including thousands born every spring and summer during “kitten season.” Kitten season creates a tremendous population explosion, and animal shelters around the country will soon be flooded with cats in need of a home. You can make a major difference this season by adopting a new feline friend or two!

This is typically the month that no-kill shelters need the most help. Why not assist one by fostering a cat or two. Animal rescue groups need room to bring in and care for new animals. In many cases, entire families of mama-cat and her kittens just need a safe place to grow up for a few weeks. Many shelters help with all medical expenses and you will have the option to adopt if you so choose. This is a great way to help a rescue.

Having your pet “fixed” prevents unwanted litters. By spaying or neutering your cat, you’ll help control the pet homelessness crisis, which results in millions of healthy cats being euthanized in the United States each year simply because there aren’t enough homes to go around. Millions of unwanted animals end up in shelters or on the streets each year. By spaying or neutering your cat, you do your part to prevent this tragedy.

Shelters often run into lack of resources like food, supplies, money and space. Contact your local shelter or rescue group and ask if they have a donation wish list. They may be holding special events for Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month which you can help promote or donate at. Rescues and shelters always need donations of money and pet supplies such as unopened food, litter, treats, beds, blankets, toys and grooming tools. The PetCot Company has several great products that shelters and vets love and appreciate - such as premium raised beds and crate pads.

So in honor of Adopt a Cat month, take time to do your part to help out and make a difference. Whether you decide to adopt, foster, or donate you'll be among the many doing their part to make great strides in helping those that need it most. Don't forget to visit our website to get your donation items such as a premium raised pet bed or waterproof crate pads!

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