Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Keep Your Pet Safe this Independence Day

Fourth of July is just around the corner, and we're all looking forward to the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy some amazing fireworks displays! It's a time of the year when the whole family gets together to grill out, spend some much needed time bonding, and shooting off or watching a professional fireworks show. While we do consider our pets to be family members, this is probably not a celebration that you want to try to involve your dog in. After all, more dogs are reported to be lost on Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Put simply, dogs just do not appreciate fireworks like we do. So this week, the PetCot Company wants to offer some tips to keep your beloved dog safe and happy this Independence Day.

Before the big celebration comes, make sure you're prepared. Update your dog's identity tags and make sure they're secured properly to his collar so as not to easily fall off. If your dog is chipped, make sure the contact information is updated so if your dog does get loose and is found, a vet clinic or shelter is able to reach you. If you do not have a safe, quiet place for your dog to be during the festivities, make arrangements for him to be boarded for the night. 

If you're planning to keep him home and holding festivities there, set up your dog's crate in a quiet location in your home that is set away from traffic and noise. When scared of sounds they can’t orient, they'll feel safer hiding out in their crate or on their comfy premium raised dog bed. If possible, keep the windows and curtains closed. Covering the crate or lowering the blinds can also be helpful. Removing visual stimulation can also help calm dogs. It's best to keep your dog in a room where the door can be closed and nobody will enter. If your dog gets out and sees an opportunity to jet, he may take off down the road.

If you're planning to attend a fireworks show away from home, leave your dog at home. While it may feel like you're leaving him out of the fun, you're actually doing him a favor by not bringing him somewhere he'll become scared easily and won't have a safe place to go. Not to mention, it'll likely be pretty warm outdoors and your furry buddy would much rather enjoy the evening in the comfort of his own home in A/C. Be sure to leave your dog with plenty of toys to keep him busy. If he does become anxious from the fireworks going off around the neighborhood he'll have something to focus his energy on other than your furnishings. 

Dogs are instinctively flight animals. They'll want to run and hide from the loud noises of ongoing fireworks. As much as you would like to include your dog in the holiday festivities, sometimes it's just best to leave your dog at home where he will be safe. By using these tips for this Fourth of July, you'll prevent your dog from becoming another statistic for dogs that are lost during this holiday. While your dog is hanging out in his safe place, he'll need a comfortable place to rest his head. Don't forget to order your pooch a premium raised dog bed or a waterproof crate pad from PetCot!

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

3 Reasons Why Your Pooch Needs a PetCot!

When pet parents ask what items they need to purchase for their dog, a good dog bed is always at the top of the list - along with a collar, leash, food, and feeding dishes. Dog beds are extremely important. In fact, we consider beds essential for all dogs regardless of size, breed, or age. Pet beds provide more than a place to rest their heads, they provide security. While many people think that their dogs can curl up on the floor, in many cases that isn't the most ideal option for your furry friend. Here are a few reasons that a PetCot bed will benefit your pup's life.

Sometimes your pet just wants a place that they can call their own, especially if you have more than one. A pet provides them that place where they can nap peacefully, re energize from a long day, or even go when they're scared. Our premium raised dog beds come in many sizes, so your dog will have the space they need to spread out and get comfortable.

Another thing to note, is that giving your dog a place to sleep can help keep him from sleeping in the areas that you don't want him to. If your bed, and the couch are off limits, he needs a place that he can call his own without laying claim to your spots. To make sure that he'll use it though, you have to make sure and get the right size.

Just like humans, dogs can be rather messy. The dander, dog hair, sweat and drool can often cause their beds to be disgusting. A PetCot bed is easy to clean, so that you don't have to worry about what is living inside that plush bedding. The suspended bed also allows for plenty of air movement, so your pet is always getting plenty of air, and the bed can fully dry out when they are not using it. We have many accessories you can pair with your PetCot bed to make it even cleaner for your pet.

A dog bed can also help keep your home clean! By giving your pet a place to sleep and rest, not only will it keep them off of your couch and bed, but it can limit the amount of hair that gets on your furniture as well. It's much easier to take the cover off of a PetCot bed than it is to wash, vacuum, or roller your entire living room set. Purchase one of our easy to clean pet beds today and see how much faster it is to keep your area clean!

As your dog gets older you may find that they begin to suffer with health problems. Anything from joint issues to hip pains can all be even more painful without the proper tools. A PetCot bed gives them a place to lay down and take the pressure off of their aching joints. While our beds are perfectly designed so that even your older dog won't have trouble getting off of it, we also sell accessories to make it even more comfortable for them. We offer an orthopedic dog bed insert that is made specifically for your PetCot, and your older dog in mind. The extra foam will ease aches and pains, making recovery easier.

Our beds were made to fill a need in the pet bed industry. They are fully assembled when you receive them and ready to use immediately. Our pet beds are also stackable, so if you have several of them and need to store them for a short period, or travel with them, they will be more convenient. If you are ready to join the PetCot family and learn how our beds will improve your pet's life, order online today!

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summertime sparks the desire to get the family outdoors more often. And of course, you don't want to leave Sparky behind - after all, your pets are family too, right? While we always want to include our fur babies in family fun, it's important to remember that all that fur may not mix well with the warmer temperatures of summer. So, this week the PetCot Company has decided to share with you 8 tips to keep your furry buddy cool while enjoying summer fun with the family:

1. Don’t leave your pet in an unattended vehicle. 

On a 75-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can climb up to 115 degrees within an hour. Even with the windows down, a dog can easily overheat if left in these conditions. If you need to run errands and don't feel comfortable leaving your dog home alone take it to a doggy day care. It’ll save you the trouble of worrying about your dog while you’re out.

2. Avoid walking on hot surfaces like asphalt. 

Your pup’s paws can be as sensitive as the soles of your feet. If the asphalt is too hot for you to walk on, chances are it’s too hot for your pup too. On a walk, try to alternate between asphalt, sidewalk, and grass so that your dog’s delicate paws don’t get overheated. If your dog is particularly sensitive, cover his paws with pet booties so he can stroll comfortably.

3. Supply lots of fresh, clean water. 

Some dogs get a bit finicky with their water if there’s an odd scent in the bowl or if it’s been warming up in the sun for a while. Keeping a fresh, clean supply of H2O in your dog’s dish will ensure that your pup drinks more often and stays hydrated.

4. Don’t overexercise pets. 

Dogs don’t always know their own limits. If you can tell your dog is breathing more rapidly or having some trouble chasing after a ball, slow things down and allow him to cool off. Outdoor activities are great but, instead of playing in the blazing afternoon sun, try tossing a ball around as the sun is setting.

5. Leave your dog at home on hot days.

Going to the beach and sitting out all day in the sun is something we humans enjoy, but it can leave pooches severely dehydrated. Even if you feel like the heat is bearable, remember, when dogs are exposed to moderately high temperatures over an extended period of time, their bodies might be unable to cool down.

6. Watch for signs of dehydration.

Dogs can't sweat. They cool off by panting, so an overheated dog will drool excessively. It will become lethargic, its eyes will be bloodshot, and it may appear a little pale. If you lift its skin, it will take longer than usual for the skin to fall back into place.

7. Take your dog swimming.

The best activity you can do in summertime or hot weather is swimming. Instead of walking the dog, take the dog on a swim! If you hold on and allow your dog to take you around the pool, it becomes a powerful bonding experience for the two of you, similar to the walk.

8. Get your dog a raised bed.

PetCot raised dog beds provide optimal comfort and support for dogs (and other pets) of all sizes. Our unique elevated dog bed allows your pet to rest easy while maintaining a comfortable body temperature all around. Durable and breathable, it provides dogs with a healthy, cool environment.

Now that you have some tips to go by to keep your best friend cool this summer, get out there and have some fun! Just remember to keep an eye on your pooch and keep them cool and hydrated. Don't forget to swing by our website to order your pup a premium raised dog bed to rest comfortably on after a fun day enjoying the summer activities you are bound to have a blast doing!

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Monday, June 5, 2017

5 Simple Ways to Show Appreciation To Your Pet

Happy Pet Appreciation Week! We at the PetCot Company are so very excited to be celebrating this holiday because we know just how much our pets love and adore us. We think that every week should be deemed Pet Appreciation Week - but since we don't make the rules, we'll settle with making this week really count! We've got some ideas for you to show YOUR fur buddy some appreciation - check it out!

1. Enthusiastic Greetings

Your pet greets you enthusiastically when you come home from a long day at work. Show your appreciation by returning the favor. Put down whatever you have in your hands at the moment and just give some of your time acknowledging them and showing them that you appreciate them being there for you. They're not able to give much, other than their love and dedication to you. A happily returned greeting is bound to bring on plenty of tail wags and sloppy kisses of gratitude!

2. Lots of Play-Time

Not only is play-time a great way to show your appreciation, but it's also an easy way to give your pup the much needed exercise he needs to burn off some energy. Take your dog for plenty of walks. Play a game of tug-o-war or fetch. Your pup will love this super fun bonding time!

3. Plenty of Cuddle Time

Your pet loves you more than anything in the world - even more than his all-time favorite treats! Be sure to spend some extra time cuddling your fur baby, because that's really all they want. Your undivided attention is the greatest gift to them. Lots of pets and snuggles, and your pooch should feel appreciated in no time! And it's a great opportunity to check your pooch over for ticks, bumps, mats, etc.

4. Ensure Healthy Living

Be proactive with your dog's health. Exercise them regularly to keep them strong and healthy. Schedule regular visits to the vet to do wellness checkups. Take them to the groomers to get a good bath, nail trim, and flea and tick dip. And be conscious about what you're feeding them - a healthy, well-balanced diet is just as important for your pet as it is for you.

5. Spoil with Gifts

Who doesn't enjoy getting a surprise gift just because? Your pet is certainly no exception to the rule! Show your pet appreciation by getting them new treats, a bone to chew on, a couple new toys or balls to fetch, or upgrade their dirty stinky bed to a premium raised dog bed from PetCot. They'll LOVE it!

They may not cook or clean or do the grocery shopping, but they show you unconditional love every single day - that's worth more than the price of gold! So make sure that you always show your fur baby the love and appreciation they deserve. Don't forget, a great way to show your appreciation is by upgrading their current bed with a premium raised dog bed from PetCot! Visit our website today to order your fur baby a bed or two!

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Raising Awareness for Adopt a Cat Month!

June is Adopt a Cat month - it also marks the height of kitten season. Typically this is the time of year when shelters see an increase in feline breeding. As shelters are preparing for a massive influx of homeless and newborn cats, they will be looking to find loving homes for felines and resources to care for them until then. If you’re looking to make a difference for cats during this critical time of year, the PetCot Company has some ways you can get involved:

Approximately 4 million cats end up in shelters every year, including thousands born every spring and summer during “kitten season.” Kitten season creates a tremendous population explosion, and animal shelters around the country will soon be flooded with cats in need of a home. You can make a major difference this season by adopting a new feline friend or two!

This is typically the month that no-kill shelters need the most help. Why not assist one by fostering a cat or two. Animal rescue groups need room to bring in and care for new animals. In many cases, entire families of mama-cat and her kittens just need a safe place to grow up for a few weeks. Many shelters help with all medical expenses and you will have the option to adopt if you so choose. This is a great way to help a rescue.

Having your pet “fixed” prevents unwanted litters. By spaying or neutering your cat, you’ll help control the pet homelessness crisis, which results in millions of healthy cats being euthanized in the United States each year simply because there aren’t enough homes to go around. Millions of unwanted animals end up in shelters or on the streets each year. By spaying or neutering your cat, you do your part to prevent this tragedy.

Shelters often run into lack of resources like food, supplies, money and space. Contact your local shelter or rescue group and ask if they have a donation wish list. They may be holding special events for Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month which you can help promote or donate at. Rescues and shelters always need donations of money and pet supplies such as unopened food, litter, treats, beds, blankets, toys and grooming tools. The PetCot Company has several great products that shelters and vets love and appreciate - such as premium raised beds and crate pads.

So in honor of Adopt a Cat month, take time to do your part to help out and make a difference. Whether you decide to adopt, foster, or donate you'll be among the many doing their part to make great strides in helping those that need it most. Don't forget to visit our website to get your donation items such as a premium raised pet bed or waterproof crate pads!

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