Wednesday, February 24, 2016

10 Tips to Keep Your Home From Smelling Like A Dog Kennel

Your pup is a sweet member of the family. They're entertaining, hilarious, sweet, cuddly and more, but they can also drag odors around with them that seem larger than your pup, themselves. While odors can sometimes be unavoidable, there are a few things you can do to keep them at bay, and keep your furry friend smellings fresh every day.

Regular Bathing

If you want to nip the odors in the bud, you'll have to start with the root of the smell. Keeping your pup clean, and providing regular baths will make a HUGE impact in the overall smell of your home. You can choose specific products and cleaners that help with cleaning, just make sure that it won't hurt your furry friends sensitive skin. You can also consider a dry shampoo if you can't work a bath in all of the time. Brush it through their hair, and you may just find that the odor brushes out with it!

Consistent Brushing

While brushing your pooch's hair can help keep your home cleaner, it has more reasons than that. When pet hair and dander falls off on the carpet and fabrics in your home, the odors do as well. Different brushes are better for different coat types, so take a look at the label to learn what will be right for your pet. Be gentle, take your time, and make it a fun experience so your pet doesn't run from you when you have the brush next time.

Invest In Proper Cleaning Supplies

From Swiffer's to mops, brooms, and vacuums, look for products that catch hair and retain it. Cleaning up hair will be a fact of life when you have a pet, and consistent cleaning will help keep the odors that come with pet hair and dander to a minimum.

Get a Pet Bed That Stays Clean

It goes without saying that a standard pet bed can hold a collection of odors, pests and other things you pet may drag in from their adventures. A PetCot bed will allow you to easily clean the space that your pet relaxes and spends so much of their time. Our beds also sit off the ground, so they air out completely, and you won't have stale sweat and moisture building up inside.

Accidents Happen

Especially when you have a puppy, accidents are going to happen, but the right products can help you not only clean but eliminate. Using an enzymatic cleaner will help get all signs of the odor out of your carpet.

Find a Hair Removal Tool That Works For You

From lint rollers to hair removal mitts, your local pet shop should have many items in stock to help you remove hair. From your couch, bed, blankets, and clothes, your pets hair will likely end up everywhere, so stock up on the right tools to get those hairs off.

Clean the Air Filters

While you may not think to clean your air filters more frequently because of a pet, they can make a huge difference in the overall scent of your home. Not to mention that it could get clogged up with pet hair.

Don't Forget Dental Hygiene

While most of the odors in your home will not be coming from your dog's mouth, good dental hygiene can make a big difference in some of the odors. Especially if your dog drools on their blankets or bed.

Good Hygiene Starts with a Great Pet Bed

While our pets may emit extreme odors sometimes, that doesn't affect how much you love cuddling with that sweet ball of fur. One of the easiest ways to help eliminate odors is to get rid of the pet bed in your home that attracts bacteria, sweat, saliva, hair, and all of the odors you've been trying to rid your home of. Check out our website today to find a PetCot bed in the right size, and start smelling the impact it makes TODAY!

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Important Steps for Training Your New Puppy

Every roly poly puppy is a big bundle of energy, and sometimes that energy needs to be directed into good habits. From the first day, you bring your pup home, you'll train them and teach them right from wrong. With so many important things to teach them, how are you supposed to know where to start?

Many people wonder when the right time to start training their puppy is, and honestly, the answer is now. Start setting your puppy up for success today, and you'll be able to reinforce those habits for the rest of their life. Here are a few tips from trainers that will help you figure out what your puppy needs to learn, and how to teach it to them.

Start With Routines

It's important to start training your puppy on the routines that they'll be keeping in the coming weeks. Teach them where their food and water dishes are, and keep them in the same places, and feed them at the same times each day. Teach them where they'll be going to the bathroom, and always take them to the same place for continuity. Most importantly, continually train them about their bedtime. Keep their PetCot bed in the same place so they know where bedtime happens, and then be sure to reinforce what time they wake up and what time they go to sleep. These routines will be just as valuable for you as it is for them.

Teach Words

The next step is to start reinforcing words in their vocabulary. "No," means stop what you're doing right now. "Good," reinforces that what they're doing is exemplary. These two words are generally introduced around 2-3 months old, and should be used when necessary. There are many other words you will want to add to their vocabulary like sit, stay, down, off, come, don't touch, drop it, go lie down, etc. These words should only be taught after "no" and "good" have been learned well.

Avoid Biscuit Training

While using treats can be a great incentive for your pup, it's not the most effective way to reinforce good behavior, or stop the bad. Biscuit training, in essence, is based solely off your pup wanting to eat or not. Suppose he goes running out the door after a squirrel, and even though you're tempting him with a treat, he wants to chase the squirrel more than eat a treat. Not only does that reinforce bad habits of not listening to you, but you're showing that if he doesn't want a treat he doesn't have to listen. It would be much more efficient to implement a training based on respect over treats.

Keep in mind that training with treats is not a bad thing, but it shouldn't be your sole method of 'bribing' your pet to obey you. Treats are initially used to help reinforce good behavior, and direct the pet to what you're wanting them to do, but as your training goes on, you should be weaning them off the treats and guiding them to do what you've asked solely based on the command and authority.

Respect Training

If your dog hears your words, understands them, and still chooses not to obey, this could be a sign that they don't respect you. It's important to establish respect in the relationship, not because you HAVE to be in charge, but because you can protect your pet better when they obey. If they are running out into the road, but don't listen to you when you say "come," they are in danger of running into oncoming traffic.

PetCot Beds Help You Train Your Pup

There are many important commands you will establish with your new furry friend, and our beds can help you to reinforce some of those commands. Many trainers use our PetCots to instruct dogs of all ages in the "place" command. Our pet beds aren't just used for training, though, our beds are kept in households all over the country to give your pet a great place to sleep, relax, and stay put when need be. You can order yours today on our website,

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why Your Dog Needs a PetCot

Pet beds provide more than a place to rest their heads, they provide security. While many people think that their dogs can curl up on the floor, in many cases that isn't the most ideal option for your furry friend. Here are a few reasons that a PetCot bed will benefit your pups life.

A Place of Their Own

Sometimes your pet just wants a place that they can call their own, especially if you have more than one. A pet provides them that place where they can nap peacefully, re energize from a long day, or even go when they're scared. Our pet beds come in many sizes, so your dog will have the space they need to spread out and get comfortable.

Another thing to note, is that giving your dog a place to sleep can help keep him from sleeping in the areas that you don't want him to. If your bed, and the couch are off limits, he needs a place that he can call his own without laying claim to your spots. To make sure that he'll use it though, you have to make sure and get the right size.


Just like humans, dogs can be rather messy. The dander, dog hair, sweat and drool can often cause their beds to be disgusting. A PetCot bed is easy to clean, so that you don't have to worry about what is living inside that plush bedding. The suspended bed also allows for plenty of air movement, so your pet  is always getting plenty of air, and the bed can fully dry out when they are not using it. We have many accessories you can pair with your PetCot bed to make it even cleaner for your pet.

A dog bed can also help keep your home clean! By giving your pet a place to sleep and rest, not only will it keep them off of your couch and bed, but it can limit the amount of hair that gets on your furniture as well. It's much easier to take the cover off of a PetCot bed than it is to wash, vacuum, or roller your entire living room set. Purchase one of our easy to clean pet beds today and see how much faster it is to keep your area clean!


As your dog gets older you may find that they begin to suffer with health problems. Anything from joint issues to hip pains can all be even more painful without the proper tools. A PetCot bed gives them a place to lay down and take the pressure off of their aching joints. While our beds are perfectly designed so that even your older dog won't have trouble getting off of it, we also sell accessories to make it even more comfortable for them. We offer an orthopedic dog bed insert that is made specifically for your PetCot, and your older dog in mind. The extra foam will ease aches and pains, making recovery easier.

The PetCot Company

Our beds were made to fill a need in the pet bed industry. They are fully assembled when you receive them and ready to use immediately. Our pet beds are also stackable, so if you have several of them and need to store them for a short period, or travel with them, they will be more convenient. If you are ready to join the PetCot family and learn how our beds will improve your pets life, order online today!

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Friday, February 5, 2016

5 Tips for Caring for Your Furry Friend in the Winter

Winter can be a magical time of year, but for your furry friends, it can be a whole different wonderland. At PetCot, we want to help you take care of your pet through every season and every stage of life. Whether you have an indoor pet, or your dog or cat stays outdoors most of the time, here are a few ways to protect your pets in the winter.

Protect Them From the Cold

If your pets stay inside or outside, you'll want to make sure that they have the protection they need throughout the cold months. You can get them a sweater if they remain outside full time, or even booties to keep their feet warm when walking across freezing concrete or asphalt.

Feed Them the Correct Amount

If your pet lives outside, they will burn more calories keeping warm, and will need more food. Indoor pets will need less food in the winter because they will most likely spend a lot of this season sleeping indoors with the heat. You'll also want to make sure they have enough water, and if their water is outside, be aware, and make sure it doesn't freeze.

Make Sure They Get Plenty of Exercise

Indoor dogs will needs lots of exercise in the winter because they won't be outside as much. Evening walks, running outside, and fetch are great ways to keep them active and help shed any extra pounds they might be gathering through their "hibernation."

Beware of Wintertime Chemical Spills

Winter can bring many harmful chemicals that are used to treat snow, ice, and frost. Antifreeze could leak from the radiators of vehicles, and this could be deadly if ingested. Event the smallest sip can be fatal. The salt on the sidewalks can cause sores or irritations on your pet's paws, so always be sure to wash their feet when you bring them back inside. You can also rinse their bed off, to make sure that none of the salt gets tracked onto your pet's favorite bed!

Go for a Ride

If your pet loves to go for car rides, that probably won't change much in the winter. They'll probably still love to poke their heads out the windows. One thing to beware of, though, is that the engine of your car can seem very attractive to cats, especially in the winter. They often climb up in the engine cavity to stay warm, but as you can imagine, this can have dreadful results. Be sure to tap on your hood before starting your car, and if you have cats who live outside, do a head count first.

Taking Care of Your Pets in Every Season

At the PetCot Company, we like to think that we care for your furry friends as much as you do. We have created the best pet beds, that not only keep your pets comfortable but are easy for you to maintain and clean. We hope your four-legged family members have a cozy, and safe winter, and enjoy many naps on their PetCot!

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