Thursday, June 30, 2016

Have A Pet Friendly Fourth of July

The PetCot Company staff would like to wish you and your furry family a happy Fourth of July! This holiday is the highlight of the summer season, and we are sure you're excited to get the pets out there and enjoy it to it's utmost. Of course, for some pets, Fourth of July is not exactly a walk in the park, and the fireworks can be a bit alarming. At the PetCot Company, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to make this holiday the best yet and keep Fido happy too! Here are a few things you can keep in mind as you celebrate throughout the weekend.

Create a Comfortable Environment

If you'll be leaving your pet at home while you go out to attend holiday functions, it's always a good idea to make sure they are inside. Sometimes the loud noises can scare your pets and then they may react in abnormal ways - like jumping the fence. Before you leave you can make sure their raised pet bed is stocked with all of their favorite things, like toys, blankets, or even a frozen treat. If you think they'll be afraid of the loud noises you can turn on some gentle music to help hide the exterior sounds. You can also look into natural calming resources. Some supplements have tryptophan in them (the same thing in turkey that makes you sleepy), so without causing your pets to become medically drowsy, you can do a few things to help them relax.

Get Their Identification Up To Date

It's always a good idea to make sure that all of your pets have correct name tags and identification on their collars so if anything should happen they can be returned to you. You can also take updated photos of your pets in case the worst should happen. If your pet isn't microchipped, this is a great opportunity to get that taken care of.

Be Aware Of the Food They're Eating

I'm sure your aware that people food is not the same as dog food, but if you'll be having a party, it can be hard to keep people from feeding your furry friend. Keep a jar of treats on the table so that if anyone does feel the need to spoil them, they can do so in a safe manner.

Keep Toxic Stuff Away

Did you know that citronella and glow sticks are all toxic for your pet? These items should be kept up and away from your four legged friends so they don't have any chance of biting into something they shouldn't. You can also keep charcoal, fireworks and sparklers away from the curious canine so they don't get into them.

Premium Pet Beds for Your Furry Friend

Did you know that our PetCots work just as well outside as they do inside? You can take it outside for your Fourth of July celebrations and then bring it back in without ever being able to tell the difference. If your pet still doesn't have the best pet bed on the market, they're missing out! You can visit our website and order yours today. Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Testimonial Tuesday at the PetCot Company!

The only thing we love more than providing you with the best, raised pet beds, is finding out that you love them as much as we do! Our pet beds are created to support your pet through every walk of life, while making it easier to clean and care for them. We love hearing how much you love them, and that's why we want to feature a few of the testimonials we've received!

"I had spent months looking for a dog bed that Delilah, our Italian Spinone wouldn't eat. In addition to the children's swing, the garden gate, the kitchen table, she had tried all types of dog beds, fleece... yummy, foam....delicious and I don't even want to think what she would have done to a beanbag! In addition, she had spent the summer sunbathing outside and had developed calluses on her elbows. When I came across the PetCot Dog Bed I was so impressed I began to look into importing them to the UK. I don't need to tell you about them, you've read the website. Now Delilah has a new favourite place to be that is so light and strong it can be moved around without effort, from the kitchen, to outside, to the kennel and it is so strong the kids sometimes curl up with her. (Our five year old would like one for himself!) It will withstand the British weather and can be hosed down if she gets it muddy. It dries in minutes, even in freezing January temperatures. There's nowhere for fleas, bacteria or odour to develop and the biggest bonus of all is that she hasn't attempted to chew it. It's hygenic and there's no doggy smell in the kitchen. I know you'll be as impressed as I am and your pets even more so!" Leisha Stallard Stallard Associates
"I am writing to let you know how happy I am with my purchase of your PetCot Dog Beds. Our dogs are extremely important members of our family and their comfort is a concern we take seriously. With this in mind, we have built a special room for our dogs to play and sleep in. We wanted something for them to sleep on that was off the floor and your description caught my eye because one of our dogs has arthritis. Another advantage of your cot cover over the others I've seen is how easily it is cleaned. Believe me, with 4 dogs - these cots have already been cleaned many times and still look brand new! We have a Norwegian Elkhound, 2 Beagles, and a Shih Tzu and they all play very vigorously. They run over the tops of the cots but have not pulled any threads either! As the co-owner and vice president of an engineering company, I can appreciate a product that is well-made and reasonably priced.I heartily recommend your cots to anyone for the 4-legged members of their families. So do Pete, Luci, Monet, and Elinore! Thanks for a good quality product at a reasonable price." Carla Peelman
"My husband and I decided to buy one PetCot to see how our dogs would like it. I was also attracted to the sizes because we have a small house. The day our PetCot arrived, we put it in the kitchen to see how our golden retriever and border collie would react to it. With no help from us, Micah, our golden retriever, was lying on it. Then Anna, our border collie, was lying on the PetCot. I was so impressed, I called and ordered more PetCots for outside and inside." Carole & Jim Ball Winston-Salem< Martinez, CA. Sargeant (AKA. Sarge)

We Love Our Loyal Customers

Once you try PetCot, we're pretty sure you'll never want to go back. We have had so many customers come back to us saying that even after 10 years of use, their premium pet bed still looks as good as it did the day it came in the mail. If you're ready to find a high-quality pet bed that will last you for years, and be just as comfortable for your pet, we would love for you to visit our website and check out what all of the hype is about!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Basic Grooming For Your Pet

Every day you perform basic grooming needs for yourself, from applying makeup, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, using deodorant, trimming your nails - the list is endless! You perform these tasks so that you look good when you go out in public, and even just looking good for yourself! Just like you need these things done, your pet needs a few basic grooming procedures performed. They may not need them every single day, but they do need to be done on a routine basis. Here are a few things you can remember to do for your pet to keep them looking their best!


When you brush your pet, you're removing dirt and loose hair from their coat. This prevents mats and tangles, but can also help keep your house cleaner as well. Every dog will need a different brushing schedule based on the coat they have. If they have a long coat, you want to brush them at least every week, while if they have a longer coat you can get away with brushing it every few weeks. There are several different types of brushes you can choose from, and it's all based on your pet's comfort level with them. If your pet sees a groomer, you can try to choose a brush like theirs so that they are more comfortable with brushing no matter where they are.


Sometimes your cat or dog may be leery of bathing, and if so, that's okay! There are a few steps you can take to help ease them into it - even if they're just baby steps. Start by preparing the bathing area with all of the supplies you'll need beforehand. You'll want to have the tub or basin filled with lukewarm water, a cup to pour water over them or a spray nozzle, and pet shampoo/conditioner. Every pet is different, so handle the bathing uniquely for them. Some pets like the tub already filled and ready to go when they jump in, others like to get into an empty tub and have you fill it. This will be about learning what they need individually, and taking it slow if they're leery. If it's warm outside you can always consider doing it outdoors with a hose or kiddy pool, especially if you have a larger dog. Bathing is an important step in pet grooming because it keeps their skin and hair clear of debris, and can help keep your house cleaner too!


If your dog's nails click on the floor as they walk, or  if you press on the toe so that the nail extends fully and it curves beyond the bottom of the toe pad it is too long. Nail trimming can seem like an intense process, but sometimes you just need to take it slow. Many people take their dogs to a groomer to have this done, but if you are worried that it might be too much for your pet to take in, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. 

Tooth Brushing

Oral hygiene is just as important for your pet as it is for you. While it may take a few weeks to get your pet warmed up to the idea of brushing their teeth, it is possible and important. More than 85 percent of cats and dogs over four years old are affected by periodontal disease. You can also purchase special toys that are made to "floss" your pets teeth, and treats that help with dental hygiene.

Caring For Your Pet In ALL-Ways

At the PetCot Company, we take your pet's health serious in all ways, from grooming to sleeping. Our PetBeds help with your grooming needs because they don't allow for any bugs to create a home in them. You can count on our premium pet beds to remain clean and sanitary, which helps you with all of the grooming. Plus, the added comfort of a raised pet bed means that your pets joints are always being supported accurately. We want to help you care for your pet in every way possible, from grooming to using the best pet bed.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

3 Reasons Your DOG Wants a PetCot

Many people think that they are purchasing a PetCot bed because they like it, but in reality, your dog likes it more than you do! At PetCot, we have designed a bed that not only accomplishes the necessary features of a bed but also highlights the important aspects you might not have even thought of. We have created something that you and your dog will equally love because it's hygienic and comfortable. Here are a few reasons why your PET actually wants this bed just as much as you do.

It Gives Them a Place

Every pet wants to have that "place" that they can call their own. A place to relax when they've had a busy day, and place to retreat to if there is too much action happening in the home, or just the satisfaction of knowing in a home that belongs to the humans, they have a spot just for them. That is what the PetCot provides for them. If you've ever done any research on pet training, you will also know that having a "place" can be extremely beneficial in training methods. You can learn more about this from two of our blog articles, Can You Teach An Old Do New Tricks? and Important Steps for Training Your New Puppy.

It's Comfortable and Cool

When your raised pet bed first arrives, if you've never used a raised bed, you maybe have to encourage your dog to use it. It can be unfamiliar to them at the beginning, but after a few days of encouragement, you'll find that this bed is a comfortable place for them to relax. Our beds are suspended 4.5" off the ground, allowing for plenty of flex when you're pup lays down on it. This provides a very comfortable location for your dog, young or old. We also have additional pads you can add to your PetCot to make it even more comfortable. Our premium pet beds also remain cool because of the woven vinyl fabric. This doesn't retain heat as much as pillow beds, which can be a huge benefit for any dog who has reactions to heat. The height of the bed also allows for air flow underneath them which can keep the heat to a minimum as well.

It's Sturdy

Have you ever purchased a pillow bed, only to have it destroyed minutes after bringing it home? We're sure that your pet doesn't mean to wreak havoc on their bed, but there are just some materials that they can't resist. A PetCot bed provides a sturdy place for them to relax, and can be nearly indestructible to the most ferocious chewers. If you do find that your dog eats it's way through their new bed, we also provide replacement pieces so that you don't have to purchase a whole new bed. If you are concerned that the bed won't be able to stand up to your tiny chewer, you can read multiple reviews of our PetCot beds and see that one of the most popular responses is that they have lasted for years!

Choose the Pet Bed That Your Pet Wants

Our premium dog beds are designed with your dog in mind, so you don't have to worry about whether they'll like it or not, because common dog opinion is that they are great! If you're ready to make the change and find a pet bed that you and your dog will both love, it's time to order your PetCot. You can choose from multiple sizes and colors, so you can make the perfect choice for both you and your dog. Ready to take the next step in pup happiness? Visit our website today and we'll get a PetCot on it's way to your doorstep!

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