Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ways to Encourage Your Dog to Use Their NEW PetCot Bed

You've made the decision to get a PetCot, and now the day is finally here and it's sitting on your doorstep waiting to be opened and enjoyed. Whether your pet is familiar with raised pet beds or not, they could be a little nervous about a new style. Of course, you could open it up and your outgoing, bouncy puppy could be extremely excited about this new addition! It's always hard to tell how your pet will react, so here are a few things you can do to make the introduction a happy one.

Wipe The PetCot Down

While your PetCot will be clean when it arrives fresh out of the box, it may have some funky smells associated with it. Since a dog's nose is significantly more powerful than yours, and they rely on it to tell them more about their surroundings, it could help to clean your PetCot off. You can wipe down the vinyl surface with a rag and a soap or safe disinfectant. You could even consider using a bit of their pet shampoo so that the bed smells familiar. If you sprayed their previous bed down with any fresheners, you can do the same with this bed to keep the scents the same.

Make It Comfy

Make the bed feel like home by adding a few of their favorite things. If your pup has a favorite blanket, you can fold it up and lay it on top of the PetCot. Not because it needs a blanket to be more comfortable, but because it will naturally make your pet feel more at home. You can also add some of their toys to the bed. If anything, this will encourage them to get on their new premium dog bed at least get their toy. The more you can get your pet on the bed, the faster they will become more acclimated to it. While we don't find that many pets are afraid of PetCots, sometimes they can be wary of the differences in it and their previous bed. Because a raised bed can  have a different feel since it's suspended 4.5" off the ground, this could mean that your pet may take some getting used to it. You can also put their old bed on top to help the new bed appear more comfortable.

Resort to Bribery

What we really mean is resort to positive training, but sometimes it feels like bribery! If your pet just can't bear to take the first step on their raised pet bed, you can encourage them to get on it and then reward them with a treat. Many trainers use the PetCot bed to teach "place training." This training method gives your pet a place to stay, and also a location for the command. When you say "go to place," ideally, they will then go to their bed and not get off until you give them the release command. This is only one benefit to the PetCot bed, and if you are having trouble getting them on it to start with, treats can be a good trade, and ask them to stay on the bed until you release them. This gives them something to work for, but also help them become more acclimated to their bed while waiting there. If you have a Kong, you can fill it, command the dog to sit and stay on their bed before giving it to them. The treats in their Kong will distract them enough that they won't be too eager to get off the bed, and then help them get accustomed to the feel. You can also smear peanut butter into the fabric of the bed, since PetCots are so easy to clean, this is also a great idea!

The Best Pet Beds for Your Pet

Ideally, the goal is to get your pet on their bed and stay there as long as possible if they are wary. Give it some time, sometimes a pet who is very habitual will find it difficult to get used to a new routine, but with enough encouragement and time, you'll find them laying on it without any request. It many cases we find that the PetCot bed is one of the best purchases you can make for your pet! Not only is it chew proof for puppies, but it can be made especially comfortable with padding for older dogs, and the premium raised pet bed will not hurt their pressure points. If you're ready to take the leap and join the PetCot family, visit our website to order!

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

5 Reasons You NEED a PetCot

Until you have it, you never knew you needed it, or maybe you did! Having a premium raised dog bed for your pet is a wonderful investment for many reasons, if not just for the fact that you won’t have to keep replacing the pillow beds every few months. If you want one, but still need a big of nudging to convince yourself, here are 5 reasons you didn’t know you needed a PetCot until you get one.


Have you ever taken the time to really think about how clean your pillow bed is? If you take a few moments now to think about what could be lurking in your pillow bed, the idea may disgust you. Organisms like sweat, bacteria, saliva, fleas, and more could be buried deep within the confines of that pillow, and that’s just the beginning. Have you ever tried to clean your pillow bed? You can throw it in the washer, or hose it down outside, but the chances of it really getting clean are slim, and most of the time it comes out looking a little worse for wear with all of the stuffing shoved to one side or falling out completely through a hole that your pet made. When you choose a PetCot bed, it’s as simple as running a clean cloth over the front and back. That’s it, you’re done.


For large or small dogs, standard pet beds generally won’t support the full weight of your dog, especially when they’ve squished all of the stuffing down. This creates pressure points where their bones and joints are being unsupported against the flooring in your home. While this may not be a big deal now, as your dog ages, you want to provide a bed that supports everything. A PetCot is suspended 4.5” above the ground and provide the perfect amount of cushion to keep them comfortable and support the pressure points on their body.


The PetCot dog bed helps prevent joint-related difficulties and cuts down on elbow calluses. It is great for all dogs and cats and beneficial for arthritic and geriatric pets. The PetCot dog bed evenly supports your pet, unlike filled beds that can clump and become uneven.

Easy to Use

There is no assembly required on a PetCot bed, so when it arrives you just need to pull it out of the box and begin using it! Our beds are also extremely easy to move. You don’t have to feel like you’re picking up a large bag of fleas while also keeping it folded up so nothing falls out as you move it around the house.

Long Lasting

The PetCot dog bed is lightweight but tough enough that it is used in thousands of homes and kennel runs nationwide. Our exclusive cover is heat-sealed seamed, not sewn, with corner-to-corner fabric. The frame is made of strong rust resistant steel tubing (not PVC plastic, which can crack and break).

The Best Pet Bed You'll Ever Own

We can say this with certainty, because of the thousands of customers who have told us so. The PetCot bed isn't just another bed that you'll own for your pet. It becomes one of the BEST pet beds for your pet. It's easily maneuverable around your home, office, and outdoors. It's easy to clean, and your pets will love it. If you're ready to take the next step towards owning a PetCot raised pet bed, visit our website, www.PetCot.com today!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Which PetCot Bed Is the Right Size For YOUR Pet?

Has the day finally come when you have thrown out your old, nasty pillow bed, and you're ready to upgrade to a premium dog bed? We are so happy that you're joining the PetCot family! Our beds are high quality raised dog beds and are perfect for any age or breed. If you're ready to make the best purchase of your dog's life, here are a few things you might want to know when choosing the best bed size for your furry friends.

Choosing the Right Size PetCot

We offer four sizes of PetCots, small, medium, large and extra large. All of these pet beds are raised, easy to clean, and hygienic. Of course, how do you choose the right size for your furry friend? You want to make sure that you pick the correct size so they can easily spread out and get comfortable, but you probably don't want to have one that is way too large because it will take up more space than necessary in your home. Here are the sizes we offer, and what pet weights would be perfect for them!


Our small PetCot bed measures 22" x 22" x 4.5". If you have cats, Yorkies, chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Maltese, papillons, Shih Tzus, pugs, dachshunds, small poodles, Boston terriers, miniature pinschers, Bichons Frises, west Highland Terriers, french Bulldog, Lhasa Apsos, Havanese, Pekingese, Chinese Cresteds, Brussels Griffons. If your pet weighs between 1-25 lbs. a small PetCot would be a great option for you.


Do you think a medium dog bed would be just what your pet needs? It measures 39" x 22" x 4.5". Beagles, Miniature Schnauzers, Shetland Sheepdogs, Cavalier King Charles, Scottish Terriers, Cairn Terriers, and American Staffordshire Terriers would fit great on the Medium PetCot. If they weigh between 26-40 lbs. that can also be a good indicator of the size they need.


The Large PetCot bed measures 39" x 28" x 4.5" and is perfect for Boxers, Bull Dogs, Cocker Spaniels, Welsh Corgis, Bassett Hounds, English Springer Spaniels, Australian Shepherds, Sharpeis, Wheaten Terriers, Bull Terriers are typical breeds that will fit well on the Large PetCot's. Does your pet weight between 41-70 lbs? This is the bed for you!

Extra Large

Coming in at a whopping 46" x 30" x 4.5", the extra large PetCot is perfect for those of you with a gentle giant. Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Siberian Huskies, Weimaraners, Collies, Vizslas, Airedale Terriers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Standard Poodles, Border Collies, Chow Chows, Alaskan Malamutes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Great Danes, Old English Sheepdogs, St. Bernards, and Weimaraners would love this extra large bed. Basically, if your pet weights between 70-110 lbs. this is the bed for you.

Get the Best Premium Pet Bed On the Market

There are many advantages to owning a PetCot, but one of the highlights is that they are so easy to clean and maintain. Just like you appreciate keeping your bed, couch, and other living areas clean, your dog appreciates having a nice comfortable bed that can be cleaned as well! Plus, we're sure you'll love that your new pet bed is easy to clean, easy to store, and still resistant to destructive habits your pet may have. Are you ready to get the best pet bed you've ever had? Visit our website today to order yours!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dog vs. Tick - The Ultimate Showdown

If you and Fido have stepped outside this spring, you will have likely noticed that the ticks are already out and possibly even worse than ever. In fact, some even predict that Missouri is going to be one of the states that will most likely harbor high populations of these pests. Ticks can be a big problem for you and your pet because they harbor vicious diseases that can affect you both. Don't spend your whole summer locked away from those nasty pests, here are a few things you can do to help minimize the chances of them attaching to your pet!

Trim the Weeds

Ticks love living in tall grass and other weedy areas because they hang out at the top and as you brush past them, they hitch a ride. Cut down on their habitat, you can help eliminate them from your yard.

Scatter Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth in Your Gardens

If you keep your grass short and still notice too many ticks, you can use food-grade diatomaceous earth in your gardens to keep those ticks out. It dehydrates insects and can be a very effective solution for keeping ticks and fleas out of your garden areas.

Invite the Wildlife

Did you know that ticks actually have many natural predators, and if you can get them into your yard, you will help eliminate their existence in your yard? If you incorporate more flowering shrubs and perennials to attract birds, small mammals and even a few bug-eating amphibians you can invite the predators into your yard and eventually eliminate the ticks.

Keep Your Pets Groomed

Especially if you have long haired pets, grooming can make a huge difference in how many ticks attach to them. If you do give them a summer shave, don't do it too short, because their hair keeps them from getting sun burnt. You can also use a lint roller on them after they've come in from the outdoors. The ticks will attach to the sticky sheet and you can throw it away. While grooming, don't forget to do a tick check, and it's always a good idea to do one when you bring them inside.

Natural Ingredients That Repel Fleas and Ticks on Dogs

If you don't want to use repellents from your vet, you can use several different natural ingredients to help repel them.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Brewer's Yeast and Garlic
  • Oranges, Lemons, and Grapefruit
  • Mint Infusions
  • Cloves and Camphor Spray
  • Rose Bar Soap
  • Dry Pennyroyal
  • Alcohol, Distilled Water & Essential Oils
  • Sulpher
  • Lemon, Salt, and Vinegar Spray
  • Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, and Baking Soda Spray
  • Coconut Oil

Remember, that if you'll be testing a new product on your pet, you should start in small amounts to make sure that there are no adverse reactions to the new product on your pet's skin. You can also speak with your dog's veterinarian about different solutions and what ingredients you can use on your pet.

Easy to Clean Pet Bed

While a PetCot bed may not repel ticks, they are made in an easy to clean fashion so that you don't have to worry about these beds harboring the enemies! Fleas and ticks will never live in your PetCot bed because our woven vinyl bed doesn't have anywhere for them to go. You can easily wipe down your pet with a cloth and keep it clean and comfortable. If you're looking for a raised pet bed that will not only be comfortable but also easy to clean, visit our website today!

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Friday, May 6, 2016

The Best Pet Bed For Your Puppy

As any puppy owner knows, there are a few things about puppies that make the separate from adult dogs. They need to be potty trained, and with that comes extra mess to clean up, they chew on everything in sight, meaning your supplies need to be sturdy. They are rambunctious balls of exciting energy, so everything in your home will be played on, jumped on, and even slept on. If you're looking for a pet bed that can stand up to your puppy's fun baby phase, we can help! Check out a few of the ways that our PetCot beds are perfect for your pup.

They're Easy to Clean

Does your old bed look like it harbors germs from years of puppy "love?" We understand this all too well, which is why we designed an easy to clean pet bed. Our woven, viny-coated polyester fabric is breathable, and will NOT puddle water. They also dry quickly and are odor-free. For any puppy owners out there, this in itself is a reason to buy our beds ASAP. All you need to clean them with a cloth or hose with soap and water or safe disinfectant. 

Chew Proof & Durable

Does your puppy chew through everything it sees with the aggressiveness of a small T-Rex? Our pet beds are designed to durably stand up to the pressure that a puppy can bring, and still last for years to come, even through their "old puppy" stage! Our beds are lightweight, but tough enough to be used in thousands of homes and kennel runs nationwide. The frame is made of strong rust resistant steel tubing, and the fabric is heat-sealed seamed for added strength. We also feature chew guards to help make our beds last even longer through the puppy stage.

We Have Replacement Parts

In the case that your pup actually happens to best our durable pet bed, we offer replacement parts! These are all easy to install, and easy to access through our website. We offer replacement covers in all sizes and replacement corners, as well as a 35 oz. vinyl for those dogs that could eat a bus!

Use the Best Raised Pet Beds on the Market

The best thing about a PetCot bed is that you don't have to buy multiple beds throughout the span of your dog's life. Our beds are perfect for their puppy stage, adult stage, and older dog stage, with accessories that can accompany them all. From large to small and young to old, our pet beds are made to withstand all of the activities your dog loves, while still being comfortable, safe, attractive and easy to clean. If you're ready to join the large number of happy customers, who have more than enough good things to say about our pet beds, visit our website today and order one for your very own. Beware, though, you won't ever want to go back to those bulky, smelly, germ infested pet beds again.

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