Thursday, March 30, 2017

The First 30 Days With Your Adopted Dog

At the PetCot Company, we love to hear all of the happy stories that come about when a family opens their home to a pet in need. This can be a big change for your family, though, especially when you get an older dog who may need some correctional training or extra special love after a less than ideal situation. Because we care about you and your pet, we have a few tips to help make the first month with your furry friend an easy transition.

Decide Your Commands

It's important to decide on the commands that you want to use with your new dog and make sure the entire household knows what they are and how to use them. You want your new dog to adapt to their home, know who is the boss, and keep some continuity. This can all be achieved when everyone is using the same commands, and everyone is training together. Even with young children in the house, it's important to make sure that they know how to work with your new family member, and what is appropriate for interaction.

Keep Calm

It's important to keep your home calm when you bring your new pet into the home. While many new owners know the background of their new four-legged friend - there are many who know nothing at all. If your new dog was picked up off of the street, there is a lot of history that you do not know. By keeping everything calm in the new environment, you can help keep stimulation at a minimum. Your new dog may have reactions to situations that are unexpected because of previous "training" and when you keep a calm demeanor, you can help your dog work through those reactions.

Create a Schedule

It's important to incorporate your pet into their new life and their new schedule. Stick to the same schedule every day when it comes to feeding and exercise. When your dog knows what's expected of them during certain times of the day it can create a safe environment for him to relax and enjoy.

Work With a Trainer

Don't be afraid to hire a trainer or at the very least work closely with your vet. When you first bring your dog home, they may still be shy and timid. They may not know how to react to situations, and they make overreact in some instances. By having professionals working closely with you and your pet, they can help you overcome hurdles that you may find at the very beginning, or that may surface months later as they get acclimated and you get to know them better.

Give Them a Space

Finally, it's important to give your new dog a space that they can call their own. It's important, especially in a busy household, that your dog has a spot that they can go to where they aren't required to interact. They can sleep, relax, watch you play, and have a safe spot to do all of those things. Our raised pet bed is ideal for your new pet because it gives them a space to call their own. You can customize it with a blanket of their very own, putting a few toys on it, and before you know it - they will love it. The best part is, our premium pet beds are easy to clean, do not harbor bacteria, and will grow with your pet whether you got them at a young age or you got an older dog.

Welcome Home!

We are so excited that you've opened your home to your new family member. There may be a lot of new changes for everyone in the next few weeks, and it's important to have all of the tools you need from the beginning. When you bring your new dog home, introducing them to their new PetCot is a great way to welcome them to their new space. Visit our website today to find the perfect size and color, and give Fido some love from the entire PetCot Company.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

All About Puppies!

Roly, poly puppies can make any day immediately improved. Their funny attitude towards life, their sense of adventure, and their love of cuddling are just a few reasons we love them so much. March 23rd is Puppy Day, and here at PetCot, can't think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing a few fun facts about these lovable balls of fur.

The Humane Society Animal League for Life claims that there are at least 70,000 puppies born in the U.S. every single day!

Like humans, puppies aren't born with teeth, however, they also aren't born with hearing, vision, or the sense of smell. They tend to open their eyes and begin to hear around two weeks, and their sense of smell comes in around three weeks.

Did you know that a puppy needs between 15-20 hours of sleep a day?

When a puppy is first born, they spend 90% of their day sleeping and the other 10% eating - sounds like a pretty amazing life to us!

Did you know that a dog's smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times better than a human's? It may not start until their three weeks old, but when they can start to smell, it makes up for it!

Because puppies are in the womb with and born with other puppies, they have a need for constant companionship, otherwise, they'll get lonely. 

By the time your puppy reaches the age of one, they are considered an adult. In human years, this is the physical equivalent of being 15 years old.

5 Commands Your Puppy Should Learn


You'll want your pup to learn how to come when you call to them on the first command.


This means that your pup should learn how to walk next to you and keep stride. Stopping when you stop, walking when you walk, and not walking ahead or behind you.


Whether you're cooking in the kitchen and don't want your dog under foot or you're at the park and you've stopped to talk with someone - the sit command is one of the first and most basic commands your pup should learn.


This command can be vital, especially when your pup gets into situations where they need to stay in one place. Start training them when they are young, and do it in a quiet place where they can focus.

Lay Down

Teaching your puppy to lay down teaches them to settle into a spot that you've directed them towards. It's also the first step in teaching them fun tricks, like roll over.

Celebrating Puppies

If you're celebrating puppy day by bringing a new pup home - we're so excited for you! There are many fun-filled days ahead - but also plenty of training days, and you'll need the right tools to get you started. If you haven't picked out a pet bed for your new puppy, we would love for you to consider our raised pet bed. It's a great place to let your puppy relax, and to give them a spot to call their own. Not to mention, our puppy beds are great because they are easy to clean if they have accidents and resistant to chewing with our special chew guards. Visit our website to learn more about our premium raised dog beds for Puppy Day!

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Pamper Your Pooch's Paws

If you have ever enjoyed getting a pedicure, or even just kicking your feet up to relax, don't forget that your dog would probably love a little TLC on their feet as well. From walking on the hot ground to stepping on ice cold sidewalks, your furry friend experiences a lot of different temperatures without the benefit of shoes, and generally without any paw care at all. Here at PetCot, we know how important it is to care for every aspect of your pet, including their paws. Here are a few ways you can keep their feet groomed and cared for.

Puppy Pedicure

Even your pup needs a pedicure every once in a while. If their nails click on the floor, they could also be getting snagged on the floor. Check with our vet or groomer to learn which type of nail trimmer would be the best for your dog, and ask how far to trim them. Or you can take them to the groomer and let the professionals handle it.

Check Between Their Toes

The area between your pup's toes is famous for getting things lodged between them. From foxtails and pebbles to even small bits of glass - you never know what you may find in there. Make it a point to regularly clean between their toes, and should you find something that doesn't belong, you can use some tweezers to remove it.

Use Moisturizer

The pads on the bottoms of your dog's feet can become cracked and dry if you don't care for them properly. Ask your vet for a good pad moisturizer and use as directed. Make sure you don't use human hand moisturizer, though. This can soften the pads too much and lead to injuries.

Deep Massage

Do you enjoy a good hand massage? That's similar to what a paw massage will feel like to your pup! Take some time and relax your dog, as well as improve circulation by rubbing their paws. Get in between each pad on the bottom of their paw - they will love the extra attention!

Be Careful With New Exercises

If you want to start a new exercise with your pup, be sure that you start out slow and steady. With fast-paced exercises that are brought on quickly, their paws may become sensitive, chaffed, or even cracked. This is especially true with long hikes and running.

Paw First Aid

As sad as it may be, it's not uncommon for your poor pup to suffer cuts and other wounds from accidentally stepping on glass, debris, and other sharp objects. If a wound is small, you can clean it with an antibacterial wash and cover it with a dog bootie. If it's deeper, you'll want to visit your vet.

Summer and Winter Care

In the summer the ground can be so hot that your poor pet can get blisters and burns from the pavement, yet in the winter, the extreme cold and salt can cause sores, infection, and blistering. No matter what season your pet is stepping out into, be sure to help them reduce the risk of injury by caring for their paws. Keep them clean when they come inside to wash off any chemicals and you can even get them some little boots to keep their feet protected.

Proactive Pooch Protection

It's always better to think ahead and prepare for your pet to stay safe than to try to take care of it after the damage has been done. Their paws are only one aspect - don't forget their joints and hygiene. Did you know that a pillow bed for your pet is not only NOT supportive of their joints, but it can also harbor bacteria and pests? Protect your pet with a premium pet bed! Our raised dog bed keeps them from laying on the hard ground, and our easy to clean material means that you won't be inviting pesky pests into your home. Visit our website to learn more about our PetCot raised pet beds, and order yours today!

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Caring For Your Older Pet

Your old pal has grown with you, enjoyed many happy years, and is now entering a new phase of life - their senior age. While there isn't much that changes, there are a few ways you can help care for your pet to make sure they stay comfortable through aches and pains. At the PetCot Company, we know as well as anyone that you need the right tools to help care for your older dog. Here are a few tips to help make it easier, and how we can help!

Provide Nutrition

Good nutrition is key at any age, but it's especially important when your pet is older. Their nutrition is actually critical to maintaining their active and playful nature, which in turn helps keep them younger longer. Take with your vet to learn about the type of diet that your pet needs. They can make food recommendations, and suggest special formulas that are ideal for your senior dog.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Your pup may be getting slower, but it's still important to get them outside and stretching those muscles. You may not be able to go for really long hikes or strenuous running, but you can still get out. Keeping your pet lean in their old age is one of the most important ways to prevent health issues.

Maintain their Weight

Just as extra pounds can cause you to feel achy, tired, and uncomfortable, the same applies for your pet. Additional and unnecessary weight on older dogs means they are experiencing more stress on their body - from the joints to the internal organs. If you feel like your furry friend should lose a few pounds, it's important to talk with your veterinarian. They can help you come up with a plan to accomplish it successfully and safely.

Schedule Check-Ups

The American Animal Hospital Association suggests that senior dogs see their vets at least every six months for a routine check-up. This can help catch diseases and health issues early on and make treatment easier. You should also speak with your vet about specific issues to your dog's breed. From kidney problems to diabetes, or even severe arthritis could be helpful to know about in advance and help you prepare if it's a possibility.

Get a PetCot

Finally, it's important to give your pet the support they need to keep their joints cushioned, and their rest easy. At the PetCot Company, we have designed our raised pet beds to be ideal for younger and older pets alike. We also have special accessories to make it easier on your older pet. Our premium raised pet beds can help prevent join-related difficulties because of the support they provide. They evenly support your bed, unlike filled beds that can clump and become uneven. If you are looking for a pet bed for an older dog - a PetCot is the way to go.

If your pet still needs some extra support, we supply an orthopedic dog bed insert as well as a fleece cover for optimum comfort. Visit our website to learn more about these amazing accessories.

The PetCot Bed

We want to help you and your pet enjoy every day that you have with them - instead of interrupting the time with illness, aches, and pains. By doing a few things now, you can help make the transition into old age easier for both you and your pet. Visit our website to learn more about the PetCot product, and order yours today!

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Friday, March 3, 2017

3 Pup-Approved Reasons to Switch Your Pet's Bedding

Our pets are our best friends. So why do we let them sleep on the floor or on an uncomfortable and filthy cushioned bed when we know they deserve the best? Perhaps it's because you don't know of any other solutions that would be more pet-friendly. Perhaps it's because you don't know the benefits of getting your pets off the floor and into a premier raised pet bed. Well, we're here to change that. Check out our 3 puptastic reasons why you should stop wasting your time, money, and energy with pillow beds for your pets.

Skip the Stuffing

We've all been there and done that when it comes to your fur baby discovering the insides of a favorite stuffed toy or unsuspecting pillow. It's not a pleasant sight, and it certainly isn't enjoyable to clean up after. Why would you keep throwing money away on those expensive stuffed beds just to have it destroyed in the first week of purchase? You won't have to worry about picking up stuffing with a premium raised dog bed from the PetCot Co. These beds are made for durability with a patented design and steel construction. No plastic pieces that can crack and break.

Super Easy to Clean

If you've ever had a pet who slept on a cushion bed, you know what we mean when we say there is no smell like it - and we don't mean that in a good way! Cushioned beds are often hard to clean and almost impossible to prevent unpleasant odors and bacteria from clinging. PetCot raised dog beds are comfortable, hygienic, and super easy to clean with water, soap and a cloth or hose - meaning less laundry and lingering odors for you!

Promote a Healthy Future

You don't enjoy sleeping on the floor or a lumpy mattress. After sleeping on a hard floor or a lumpy pillow bed, dogs feel the same pains that we do - achy and stiff. Preventative solutions are the best way to keep your dog feeling like a pup for many years to come. That's why getting a raised bed for your fur baby is a must even if your pet doesn't have arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other joint problems. The elevated dog bed also allows for all around breathability which means your pet won't get too hot or cold no matter what time of year it is.

Stop spending money replacing those pesky pillow beds every few months, and get your pets the bed that they deserve! Treat them like the royalty you know they are and invest in a premier raised pet bed for your favorite cuddle buddy today. We've got a variety of sizes and colors (and accessories) to fit your pet's needs, your home's decor, and your budget. Trust us, you and your fur baby will have a howling good time after you've both had a comfortable night's rest!

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