Monday, February 20, 2017

4 Ways to Love Your Pet

If you love your furry friend (and we know you do!) February 20th is the perfect day to do it! Celebrate Love Your Pet day in the best way possible by loving your sweet four legged friends and celebrating them in your life. Here at the PetCot Company, we know how easy it is to love those furry creatures, and how quickly they work their way into your heart and lives. So, we have a few ways you can celebrate, and show your love!

1. Play a Game

If your pet LOVES to get out and play new games, take some time today to do that with them! Whether it's playing fetch in the back yard or hide and seek in the house, you can show your four-legged friends some love today by playing the games they love so much.

2. Get Them a Special Treat

Every pet loves a good great! Whether that's a big juicy bone, a new toy, or their favorite snack. Take them out and spoil them with their favorite snack this afternoon and show them how much you love them. Sometimes when you go to get your daily coffee, the shop will also give you a cup of whipped cream - which could be a fun way to celebrate as well!

3. Plan Lots of Cuddles

Sometimes all your furry friend needs to feel loved is a night full of cuddles. Put on your favorite dog movie and curl up on the couch with their favorite blanket. If you don't know which dog movie to watch, here are a few classics:
  • The Adventures of Milo and Otis
  • Turner & Hooch
  • Lassie
  • Lady & the Tramp
  • Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
  • Best In Show
  • All Dogs Go To Heaven
  • Beethoven
  • One Hundred and One Dalmations
  • Bolt
  • Oliver & Company

Make some popcorn, cuddle up, and enjoy some of these great classics.

4. Get Them a PetCot!

If you want to give your pet the ultimate surprise, a PetCot would be perfect! Our raised pet beds come in many sizes and colors so that you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend and your family. Our premium pet beds are ideal for any pet of any age. They are strong enough to last through the puppy stages but supportive enough for your older pets. Show your pet some ultimate love with a pet bed that they will love!

Love Your Pet Today

While we know you love your pet EVERYDAY, sometimes it's fun to make one-day special. We hope you enjoy this special day with your pampered pooch, and give lots of extra loving to your furry friend on Love Your Pet Day. Don't forget to visit our website to learn more about our premium raised pet beds, and follow our social media channels to learn more not only about our products but also about caring for your furry friends.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dental Care for Your Doggie Friend

Your sweet furry friend relies on their teeth just as much as you do, and while you may not think about dental care for your doggie - it’s extremely important. Did you know that 4 in 5 dogs have some type of dental disease by the age of three? Those numbers are really high, and we would love to see some changes. Especially because when dental disease is untreated it can spread to your dog’s vital organs, and become dangerous. Here are some other interesting facts you may want to know about your pup’s teeth and how you can care for them.

Caring For Teeth Preventatively

Your dog needs to get ONE professional cleaning each year. This is important because it can help keep their teeth and gums in good condition, as well as help spot any issues before they become worse.

In order to keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy, you need to brush their teeth THREE times a week. If you don’t know how to brush their teeth, stay tuned - we’ll give you some tips.

By the age of TWO years old, your dog should get their first dental cleaning. By this time, you should have been practicing at home, and hopefully, they won’t be too scared.

You will want to brush your pup’s teeth for SIXTY seconds per session. This ensures that you’ve had time to get all of the hard to reach places, and have covered the surfaces.

Your To-Do List

  • Brush their teeth at least three times per week.
  • Examine their teeth and gums weekly.
  • Provide vet-approved chew toys for your pup to play with.
  • Schedule a professional cleaning once a year.

Teeth Cleaning Tools

If you don’t know what you need to keep on hand to clean your dog’s teeth, here is a generic list to get you started:
  • Finger Brush
  • Nylon Toothbrush
  • Dog-Specific Toothpaste
  • Chew Toys

Caring For Your Pet

At the PetCot Company, we know how important it is to care for your pet in every way. From exercise to dental care, and even proper rest. While we can’t help you with everything, we CAN help you provide your pup with an amazing pet bed to rest on. Our raised pet bed was designed to give your pet a great place to rest and relax. We carry many sizes and colors to fit your pet’s size and your home's decor. Visit our website to learn more about our premium pet beds, and order yours today!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Training Your Pet with Positive Reinforcement

There are a few things every pet needs to learn, and some pets have more training required than others. No matter what standards you have for your furry friend, it’s important to make sure that you are training them appropriately. Just as you are more apt to cooperate when you are given positive reinforcement, the same goes for your pet as well. Positive reinforcement can help to encourage good behavior and maybe even limit bad behavior. Here are a few popular training tips for your pet utilizing positive reinforcement.

Verbal Affirmation

Affirming your pet verbally is a key technique in training. While you want to enforce the affirmation with treats, there’s nothing that can completely replace your pride in their behavior. Try to stick with the same verbal praise like “yes!” or “good dog!” Keep in mind that your tone of voice can also make an impact on your commands and your affirmation.


Rewards are a great way to build positive reinforcement in your pet. Keep in mind, though, that you should only offer rewards for behaviors you want to encourage. Food treats are an easy way to encourage good behavior. Contrary to the typical pet treats, though, they only need to be pea sized. Food treats need to be very small so that long training sessions don’t interrupt their regular feeding routine. If your dog isn’t motivated by food, you can keep a favorite toy on-hand for a short playtime.

How to Treat Bad Behavior

In the training process, it’s important to not punish bad behavior - this is not positive reinforcement. You can ignore bad behavior, or redirect it to an alternate good behavior that you can then reward. In time, your pet will learn to perform the alternate behavior first and the ignored behavior will go extinct. It’s important to not expect too much too soon out of your pet. They will learn, but it could take plenty of practice or “shaping.” Shaping is when you reward small actions that will begin to lead to the desired actions.

Long Term Training

As your pet begins to learn the desired behavior, you can switch to intermittent reinforcement. One way to incorporate intermittent reinforcement is to slowly decrease the number of times your pet is rewarded with a food treat. The first week you may reward them every single time they are successful, whereas the next week, you only reward them ever other time or so. Finally, the third wee, you only reward them a few times to keep up the good behavior. Always use verbal praise when your dog does what is right, even if you don’t use physical treats. You can also use a variable schedule so they won’t get used to a pattern. Eventually, you can phase out food greats and use lots of era-life rewards like petting and play.

Training with the PetCot Bed

You may not have thought of your raised pet bed as a tool for training, but it can be! Many dog trainers, veterinarians, and kennels use the PetCot to aid and reward their trainees. Some use it for the “place” command, to give pet’s a place to go and stay until you release them. Others use it as a great place for the pup to relax. No matter what your method for using the PetCot bed, it’s a premium pet bed that we are sure you will love. Visit our website to learn more about our colors and sizes that are available.

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