Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Easy Exercises For Your Pet

As the evenings start to cool off, it's time to get your pet (and you!) out for some much-needed exercise! Throughout the summer, it's easy to postpone exercise because the temperatures are so warm, but your pet needs exercise just as much as you do, and now is a great time to do it. Remember that it's always best to consult your pet's veterinarian when beginning any type of weight loss or exercise program. They will be aware of your pet's health issues and if there are certain activities that might be too much for them. Here are a few ways to get your furry friend out and about so they can feel happy and healthy!


If you and your dog are wanting to take up running, it can be a great activity for both of you. It can be a bit like multi-tasking though, because you'll not only be watching where you're going, but also making sure you don't trip over your four legged friend. This activity will increase stamina and strengthen muscles in both of you, which makes it a really great choice.


This is a more challenging activity, but if your pet loves a good physical challenge, as well as a mental, this would be perfect. This game is similar to a human relay race and it involves four hurdles. At the end of the hurdles, there is a box with tennis balls, and the dog has to step on the box to release the ball. Now he has to carry the ball in his mouth back to the beginning, over the hurdles, and cross the finish line. In an official game, the next dog would then go, and the fastest team would win!


While every dog isn't a tracking breed, they all have a fantastic sense of smell, and the sport of tracking can be fun for both of you. While this is a competitive event, you can do it on your own by laying a scent trail before you want to do it, and once the trail has "aged" you can begin the work of finding the object at the end of the trail. If you have property, this can be a great way to utilize it, and if you can kids, you can set the trail up and send the dog and your kids out on an adventure!


This is a pretty obvious game, and way of exercise for your pet, but it really does involve some training if they've never done it. This can be fun for both of you, as you teach your dog how to fetch, and then send him running off to catch the ball or stick.


If you have multiple pets, sometimes exercise can be as easy as letting them both out in the yard at the same time. They can roll around and play to their hearts content until they are worn out and ready to relax.

Caring For Your Pet Beginning to End

Once your furry friend has gotten a good dose of fresh air and exercise, you may be surprised at how calm they are in the evening! Not only is exercise good for their weight, but it's good for their brain and it can improve their relaxation time. Of course, once they've come in from a good hard workout, they're going to want to find a comfortable, cool place to relax, and that's where a PetCot comes in handy! Our premium pet beds are ideal for your dog because they are extremely comfortable, as well as help keep them cool because they are up off of the floor. Give your pet the best raised pet bed around, and see how much they love to relax on our premium raised pet beds!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Safe & Unsafe Foods For Fido

As we're sure most pet owners can attest, there are always moments where you drop food on the floor, and before you even stop them, your pet has scarfed it down without even chewing. Of course, have you ever considered that some foods aren't actually good for your dog? While many foods are fine for pet consumption, there are a few foods that may surprise you. Here are the green, yellow, and red lights for food that your furry friend can eat!

GREEN - Good to Go!

These are a great snack for your pooch. Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin C - a great treat.

Did you know that blueberries are high in antioxidants? You can feed them fresh blueberries, or you can bake them into tasty dog treats!

These little green fruits are a great source of vitamin C and potassium.

Are you looking for a cool treat for your pooch? Try freezing some pineapple! 

These are high in fiber and antioxidants - not to mention, tasty!

These are a great snack, especially for the furry friends who needs to lose some weight. They are packed with vitamins K, C, and B1, as well as potassium, copper, magnesium, and biotin - but don't contain many carbohydrates, fats, or oils.

YELLOW - Use Caution

While apples can be a good snack for your pet, you just need to make sure that they don't eat the seeds.

While they are okay to feed your pooch - they may not like the taste!

These fruits are high in natural sugar, so you'll want to make sure and only give them in moderation.

This vegetable is full of fiber and vitamin C, so it makes a great treat for your furry friend. It can contain a potentially harmful ingredient that causes intestinal issues, so keep it as a rare treat.

This can be a great snack, but don't forget that they have a large pit inside of them. This can obviously cause intestinal blockage when eaten hastily.

This is a great treat for your furry friend, especially on warm days! Just don't forget to remove the rind first.

RED - Not Safe For Fido

Do not feed your dog avocados. They can lead to vomiting, and that's no fun for either of you.

This harmless looking fruit can actually cause cyanide poisoning in large quantities. Not to mention, many have pits that can cause intestinal blockage.

Grapes & Raisins
Did you know that grapes can cause kidney failure in some dogs? It's better to be safe than sorry, so keep the table grapes on the table.

Wild mushrooms and store bought mushrooms all carry the possibility of being dangerous to your pup. While there are only 50-100 of the 50,000 mushroom varieties that are poisonous, it's better to be safe than sorry and skip the fungus.

These are definitely on the "no" list. Along with leeks and garlic. They are all in a family that can cause the red blood cells your pets body to rupture, along with vomiting and diarrhea.

We Love Your Pet As Much As You Do

From the food your pet eats to the bed they sleep on, we care about every detail of your pet's life. While you take care of making sure their diet is healthy, we'll take care of making sure their bed is comfy! At the PetCot Company, we have created a raised pet bed that is perfect for any breed or size dog. Our premium pet beds are comfortable, yet also sturdy enough to stand up to the daily wear and tear. Visit our website to see the sizes and colors we have available and help your pet sleep comfy today!

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Pet Bed That Lasts Through the Ages

If you're like the typical pet owner, you've probably owned quite a few pet beds over the years. There was the "puppy" bed, the "after puppy destroyed his puppy bed" bed, the "really old middle aged dog" bed, followed by the "comfortable old dog" bed. Through the life of just one furry friend you can go through several different beds, and that doesn't even account for the multiple beds you had to buy for your puppy because he really destroyed more than one in those puppy years.

At the PetCot Company, we have created ONE bed that lasts through every age of your four-legged friend so that you can not only save some time but LOTS of money. Here are the ways our premium pet bed can last your dog through the ages.

Puppy Years

Our raised pet beds come in many sizes, and if you don't know how large your little guy will grow to be, we can help you choose a size that will be perfect for them to grow into. Of course, as a puppy parent, we know that the size isn't one of your largest concerns when choosing a bed for your little charge. There are two things that set a puppy apart from every other dog age, their need to chew through everything, and accidentally pee on everything.

When looking for a puppy pet bed, you can be assured that our beds are perfect because not only are they extremely sturdy, and able to stand up to those razor sharp teeth, but if you really doubt our bed's ability to stand up to your pup, we sell chew guards and replacement parts. Our beds are also waterproof, so when your pup accidentally leaks on their bed, you can wipe it up, clean it off, and you're done. You don't have to throw this bed in the washer and then try to re-fluff it to its original shape.

Middle Ages

After your PetCot pet bed has survived the puppy years, it easily lasts through the middle ages of your dog. It's a comfortable place to lay down and relax after a day at the park, while still just as easy to clean - and it doesn't absorb odors. We have small to large sizes, so no matter what size your middle aged dog is, you can find a size that will fit them perfectly. Our raised pet beds sit 4.5" off the floor so that there is plenty of air circulation on a warm day and so they will also be suspended enough off the ground to support their joints.

One of the best details about this bed for your middle aged dog is that you can use them indoors and out. Whether you're taking your four-legged friend camping or sitting at home watching TV after a long day, the same pet bed can accompany you and your pet.

Senior Dogs

When your dog has reached his senior years, there are a few health conditions to be aware of. Many older dogs need extra support on their achy joints, which is why we've created an orthopedic dog bed insert and fleece cover for your pooch. This accessory takes an amazing pet bed and makes it even better for this stage of your dog. The fact that our beds are also easy to clean and waterproof comes in handy again as your dog may experience incontinence.

Best Raised Pet Beds

From the puppy years to the senior years, you can see that our pet beds are perfect for your pup! We are proud to provide you with a pet bed that will last through the ages and is built to last. Of course, if something should happen and your puppy is harder on your bed than you anticipated, you can find replacement parts so your bed will be as good as new. Visit our website to see the different sizes and colors that are available!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Four Commands Your Puppy Should Learn

You've made the bold new step for your family by adding one more - only this one has four legs instead of two! As cute and furry as this new addition is, they also whine all through the night, have too many accidents on your carpet, and have started chewing up your shoes. It's time to start your new mission: train the puppy.

At The PetCot Company, we know how much of a commitment a new pet can bring to the family, but we also know how much joy and laughter they can bring as well - which makes it all worth it. Here are four commands your puppy should learn right off the bat, and how our PetCot beds can aid you in your mission.


This is generally one of the first things you'll want to train your puppy to do, and it can generally be one of the easiest. You can make it the easiest by holding a treat above their nose and raising it up and  back which should cue your pup to sit naturally without having to push their tush down. As they begin to sit, say the command "sit", and when they do, don't forget to praise them and give them the treat!

As they become familiar with that command, begin saying it before they've completed the action. You'll probably have to complete the process many times, and practice it several times a day for it to become natural.


Teaching your pup how to stay teaches them self-control, and will be an invaluable command as they get older. You can start by showing them a treat and asking them to sit. From there, you will ask them to "stay" and take one step back. If they stay put, you give them a treat and start over. This will be a step by step process - literally! As they become comfortable with one step, you can increase the number of steps until they will stay for long periods of time.

Don't forget to teach them a release command. In many situations you will want your pup to stay until called back to you, so decide on a hand motion and/or verbal command that will signify that they can be released from staying.

You can also use the PetCot bed as a further challenge for staying. Many pet owners use the "place" command to communicate with their dog that they should go to a designated spot (like a PetCot), and then they should stay until released. This is more advanced, though, and should be used after they've mastered the easier commands.


This command is an important one because there are most likely going to be times when you drop their leash, leave the door open too long, etc. Start by putting their leash on them, and when you say "come" give the leash a little tug so they will come. You can then reward them for their obedience and then try it all over again.


This command can be invaluable since puppies are generally very curious. While you may be able to control your pup while they are small, as they grow up and get larger, you won't be able to control them as easily when they try to eat something they shouldn't, chase after squirrels, or even try to dig around in the trash. Teaching your pup to "leave it" can be a little more of a challenge for them, but there are some great Youtube videos to give you a head start.

Give Your Pup a Place

Every new furry friend needs a place that they can call their own. While it may start out as a kennel, eventually you'll probably upgrade them to a "toddler bed" - like a PetCot! Our premium pet beds are ideal for providing a place for your pet to call their own, and a perfect spot to relax after a day of training! Visit our website to learn more about the sizes and colors available, and if you don't know what size you need, check out our past blog: Which PetCot Is the Right Size for YOUR Pet?

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