Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Exercising Your Pet on a Cold or Rainy Day

Imagine those colder days that are soon to come. You're not going to want to get out for extended periods of time to walk your dog, and neither is your dog to be quite honest. But even though it's colder and you and your beloved pooch would rather snuggle up on the couch, regular exercise to wear down that pent up energy is much needed no matter what time of year it is or what the weather's like. So to make exercising and caring for your pet easier on cold or rainy days, PetCot is sharing with you some great indoor activities you can try.

Visit the Local Pet Store
Unlike many supermarkets, one of the best perks about pet stores is that they let you bring your pet inside while you shop! So, break out the leash and harness, and take a trip to your local pet store to let your pup burn some of that energy off. Not only will they get their exercise in, but you don't have to freeze your fingers off in the process!

Break Out the Laser Pointer
We know kitties can't deny the shiny red dot darting across the wall, but many dogs find it just as intriguing too! Use this super simple tool to run your dog in circles, down the halls, over obstacles and more. What's better is that you can do this all while sitting on your cozy couch sipping hot cocoa and getting a good giggle out of watching your goofy pup try to catch the dot.

Play a Game of Tug-O-War
What dog doesn't like to play Tug-O-War?! And let's be honest, we get at least a little joy out of watching our bouncy babies try to pull us across the floor. Let them show off their strength and wear themselves down by trying to get the rope toy out of your hands.

How About a Game of Hide & Seek?
Other indoor games such as hide and seek are fun to play with your dog. Put them in a stay. Hide and then call them. How long does it take for them to sniff you out? If it's a long wait, you might try holding a smelly treat: cheese or something with a flavorful smell will usually do the trick. Soon they'll be sniffing you out in no time!

Refresh Their Memory
It's never a bad time to go through all the tricks your dog knows just as a refresher. An intense training session will tire out your dog's mind, which has the same effect on his body by bedtime. You can practice Sit-Stays, Down-Stays, Come, Leave It, Take It, Drop It, and lots of other commands. Just keep the exercises short and spread them throughout the day. Even dogs get tired with too much stimulation, and then they lose focus.

All of these indoor activities will help to sap some of the energy your pup is sure to have built up on a cold or rainy day. Make sure you've got a comfy place for them to rest their heads after you wear them out. Get an elevated dog bed from PetCot. PetCot raised dog beds provide optimal comfort and support for dogs (and other pets) of all sizes. These premium raised pet beds keep your dog comfy and cozy and give them a place to call their own after a long day of exercise. Visit our website to order yours today!

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