Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Pet Bed That Lasts Through the Ages

If you're like the typical pet owner, you've probably owned quite a few pet beds over the years. There was the "puppy" bed, the "after puppy destroyed his puppy bed" bed, the "really old middle aged dog" bed, followed by the "comfortable old dog" bed. Through the life of just one furry friend you can go through several different beds, and that doesn't even account for the multiple beds you had to buy for your puppy because he really destroyed more than one in those puppy years.

At the PetCot Company, we have created ONE bed that lasts through every age of your four-legged friend so that you can not only save some time but LOTS of money. Here are the ways our premium pet bed can last your dog through the ages.

Puppy Years

Our raised pet beds come in many sizes, and if you don't know how large your little guy will grow to be, we can help you choose a size that will be perfect for them to grow into. Of course, as a puppy parent, we know that the size isn't one of your largest concerns when choosing a bed for your little charge. There are two things that set a puppy apart from every other dog age, their need to chew through everything, and accidentally pee on everything.

When looking for a puppy pet bed, you can be assured that our beds are perfect because not only are they extremely sturdy, and able to stand up to those razor sharp teeth, but if you really doubt our bed's ability to stand up to your pup, we sell chew guards and replacement parts. Our beds are also waterproof, so when your pup accidentally leaks on their bed, you can wipe it up, clean it off, and you're done. You don't have to throw this bed in the washer and then try to re-fluff it to its original shape.

Middle Ages

After your PetCot pet bed has survived the puppy years, it easily lasts through the middle ages of your dog. It's a comfortable place to lay down and relax after a day at the park, while still just as easy to clean - and it doesn't absorb odors. We have small to large sizes, so no matter what size your middle aged dog is, you can find a size that will fit them perfectly. Our raised pet beds sit 4.5" off the floor so that there is plenty of air circulation on a warm day and so they will also be suspended enough off the ground to support their joints.

One of the best details about this bed for your middle aged dog is that you can use them indoors and out. Whether you're taking your four-legged friend camping or sitting at home watching TV after a long day, the same pet bed can accompany you and your pet.

Senior Dogs

When your dog has reached his senior years, there are a few health conditions to be aware of. Many older dogs need extra support on their achy joints, which is why we've created an orthopedic dog bed insert and fleece cover for your pooch. This accessory takes an amazing pet bed and makes it even better for this stage of your dog. The fact that our beds are also easy to clean and waterproof comes in handy again as your dog may experience incontinence.

Best Raised Pet Beds

From the puppy years to the senior years, you can see that our pet beds are perfect for your pup! We are proud to provide you with a pet bed that will last through the ages and is built to last. Of course, if something should happen and your puppy is harder on your bed than you anticipated, you can find replacement parts so your bed will be as good as new. Visit our website to see the different sizes and colors that are available!

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