Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Easy Exercises For Your Pet

As the evenings start to cool off, it's time to get your pet (and you!) out for some much-needed exercise! Throughout the summer, it's easy to postpone exercise because the temperatures are so warm, but your pet needs exercise just as much as you do, and now is a great time to do it. Remember that it's always best to consult your pet's veterinarian when beginning any type of weight loss or exercise program. They will be aware of your pet's health issues and if there are certain activities that might be too much for them. Here are a few ways to get your furry friend out and about so they can feel happy and healthy!


If you and your dog are wanting to take up running, it can be a great activity for both of you. It can be a bit like multi-tasking though, because you'll not only be watching where you're going, but also making sure you don't trip over your four legged friend. This activity will increase stamina and strengthen muscles in both of you, which makes it a really great choice.


This is a more challenging activity, but if your pet loves a good physical challenge, as well as a mental, this would be perfect. This game is similar to a human relay race and it involves four hurdles. At the end of the hurdles, there is a box with tennis balls, and the dog has to step on the box to release the ball. Now he has to carry the ball in his mouth back to the beginning, over the hurdles, and cross the finish line. In an official game, the next dog would then go, and the fastest team would win!


While every dog isn't a tracking breed, they all have a fantastic sense of smell, and the sport of tracking can be fun for both of you. While this is a competitive event, you can do it on your own by laying a scent trail before you want to do it, and once the trail has "aged" you can begin the work of finding the object at the end of the trail. If you have property, this can be a great way to utilize it, and if you can kids, you can set the trail up and send the dog and your kids out on an adventure!


This is a pretty obvious game, and way of exercise for your pet, but it really does involve some training if they've never done it. This can be fun for both of you, as you teach your dog how to fetch, and then send him running off to catch the ball or stick.


If you have multiple pets, sometimes exercise can be as easy as letting them both out in the yard at the same time. They can roll around and play to their hearts content until they are worn out and ready to relax.

Caring For Your Pet Beginning to End

Once your furry friend has gotten a good dose of fresh air and exercise, you may be surprised at how calm they are in the evening! Not only is exercise good for their weight, but it's good for their brain and it can improve their relaxation time. Of course, once they've come in from a good hard workout, they're going to want to find a comfortable, cool place to relax, and that's where a PetCot comes in handy! Our premium pet beds are ideal for your dog because they are extremely comfortable, as well as help keep them cool because they are up off of the floor. Give your pet the best raised pet bed around, and see how much they love to relax on our premium raised pet beds!

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